To the Water

"Sage!" the small half-wolf yelled at Drakmor. He eyed her strangely. "Fell like Drakmor!" Dina ran off after Drakmor gave her a brief nod.

'Dammit,' he thought, charging to the side of the ship and jumping. He could survive a fall like this but Sage would most likely die by the impact. Especially since the impact nearly knocked Drakmor out. 

Drakmor's descent was interrupted as a dragon plucked him out of the air. For a moment Drakmor just scanned the waters. After all, he didn't have to squint this way. The dragon didn't want to wait, though, and it reached back and bit Drakmor's arm. Drakmor just laughed.

"Wrong arm, buddy," he said, starting to surge his mercury blood into his arm. Drakmor grabbed the fool dragon's jaw and ripped it off, causing the dragon to fall. What a weak creature. It appeared that these dragons really were a weak breed. 

Drakmor kicked off the falling body and plunged into the water just before the dead dragon did. Where was that girl? He had searched around while he fell, but all he saw were dead dragons and a small island. Had she swam ashore?

Drakmor kicked off in the direction of the island. Even if Sage wasn't there, he could at least have a vantage point. The island looked much larger than it had in the sky. At least Drakmor thought so as he reached the shore.

Scanning the shore line, Drakmor found a downed Sage and a large sword-wielding man. 'What the hell...,' he thought as he ran toward them. Sage held up her bow, obviously aiming at the man. A second later, he pulled the arrow out and lifted his sword, which revealed the blade to be much larger. 

'Sage!' Drakmor flared his blood to run faster and pulled his hidden knife. He would not let others die. Drakmor was the one who would die. Not them. Never them. Never again...

The End

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