First Fight

Dina felt sage let go and glanced behind her long enough to see her falling towards the water. she hoped it was the same one that Drakmor has landed in, because then sage might survive too. Dina was brought back to reality by a deafening blow to her head that flew her back on deck. The beast from earlier bent it's head down, snarling with all it's sharp teeth on show. Dina backed away and shook her head to shake the blow off. The beast made a swipe for her with it's sharp claws and she barely managed to avoid it. Dina raced round to the back of the dragon and jumped onto it's back, trying to tear at it's flesh. And while she eventually broke through to it's flesh, causing it to let out a cry of pain, it took a lot of work and time she doubted she had.

Her eyes searched her surrounding, taking in the other crew members who were hauling weapons. The captain spared her a glanced before going back to defending his ship. No, they're ship Dina thought as she turned to face the beast. Feeling her muzzle contort to show her own teeth and growl. The dragon moved to attack and this time when she dodged it was calculated. The beast made huge, sweeping blows with it's claws, but it needed time in-between them. The beast was a lot slower than her due to its size. This time when she went in to attack she aimed for it's underbelly and felt it's skin break more easily from her attack. The cry it let out was a lot louder and she knew she'd found it's weak spot. Unfortunately her moment of pride was cut short as she felt herself thrown. She barely had the time to shift before she grabbed the side of the ship. Sage and Drakmor may have survived that fall but she doubted she could.

She felt the ship shake slightly and saw the beasts head peer over the edge to her, it's teeth twisted in what she thought might've been a grin. Then it stumbled to the side as if it had taken a blow. It turned to snarl at Drakmor who simple took aim a second time. His second shot finished the dragon off effortless.
“What are we going to do with you?” Drakmor muttered as he pulled Dina over the edge.
“Go back to your room and stay there, your not ready to fight yet,” He said, pointing a finger towards the nearest door. Dina started to turn towards the door feeling a mix of annoyance and relief. She could still help to fight, she'd figured out how to do it. But at the same time she really didn't want to.

“Sage!” She yelled, turning back. Drakmor raised a confused eyebrow at her.
“Fell like Drakmor,” Dina went on, hoping he understood. Based on the cursing under his breath he had.

The End

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