“Elekiel, man the ship!” Sage heard the captain call. She grabbed hold of the deck's railing, waiting for the swaying of the ship to stop. She turned to Dina, “Some potent windstorm, this is!” She shouted over the chaos of people scurrying about the ship, to take cover.

Dina's face paled, her as she gripped the railing like a vise, she shot Sage a wary look before averting her attention towards something else.

Sage followed Dina's gaze. They were being stared down by a massive black beast, with huge snake like eyes and large flaring nostrils. His head was about the same size as Sage. He probably could have swallowed her whole and eaten Dina for desert without hesitation. The creature lowered his head. Sage and Dina were paralyzed with fear. Sage was not easily frightened, but the moment she felt the creatures breath rustle her skirts, she couldn't help but scream. She lost her balance and her grip on the railing and was jostled backwards. Her own scream was echoed by Dina's who was flung in the air by another sharp jolt of the Jackdaw. Together they flew off the aircraft. Sage reached for Dina's hand midair only, to feel fur and sharp claws dig into her wrist. She wasn't used to this side of Dina, and had little time to react when she looked into her friend's once placid and serene face only to see it had been replaced with that of a wolf. Dina was unreadable, instinctively she let go of her friend as the pair, came rushing towards the rocky sea.

Sage cursed herself for not learning how to swim as a child. She plunged underwater like a deadweight with the crossbow on her back. She felt something leathery and sharp blanket her, bringing her swiftly to the surface. Sage stared at the temperamental dragon, as it lifted her to the surface. Suddenly drowning sounded like a viable option.

The dragon managed a human like grin as it's grasp on her tightened. Sage closed her eyes willing her death to be quick. It was okay for her to go now? She thought, she had escaped her father's iron fist rule she would die a free women. Her heart sank, no that wasn't enough, there was one thing important she had to do before she let herself fall victim to the clutches of death. She had to right her father's wrongs, even if that meant strolling into Galabria, with nothing but her bow on her back. She had to make things right with the thousands of commoners her father had treated unjustly. Sage wasn't a quitter, even if she were frozen and sopping wet after nearly drowning, she knew she had come to far to fail now.

In a quick motion she reached over her shoulder grabbing a loose arrow from it's sheath. The dragon growled in warning. Without hesitation Sage drove the arrow through the creatures snout. It howled in pain, she was rewarded with a misty spray of dark dragon blood, before the creature threw her back into the water.

Flying this fast through the air was a sensation Sage could do without, She quickly unstrapped her crossbow from her back, so she wouldn't sink to the bottom of the sea again. This time with more determination she managed to keep herself a float, and bob with the rocky sea. “Dina!” She called before swallowing a mouth full of water, she quickly spat the water up and scanned the sea for the she wolf, without any avail.

She wasn't prepared for the dragon's quick recovery as it flew into the air and dropped a few feet in front of her causing gigantic waves to follow in it's wake. Sage really had to work to stay afloat. The creature lunged at her. She closed her eyes her, determination fading into exhaustion, she knew this would be it.

She heard the dragon let out a shrill screech that caused the water to stir up once more. She opened her eyes just as she was thrown to shore by the impact of the dragon landingon it's back with it's large leathery feet in the air. She was washed to shore like a piece of sea glass. She blinked rapidly to get the water out of her eyes. Sure enough she wasn't the one who had slayed the dragon, if so who?

A figure rose from the water. Far taller than Sage at least six foot. The man trudged through the water as if it were air. His hair a shade lighter than her own, his gray eyes had a piercing stare. His body was well defined with muscle. There was something intimidating in his demeanor. She observed his hand clenched on a knife or sword of some sorts that disappeared into the water. In response to his odd behavior Sage poised her bow at the strange man.

He stood there for a moment, testing her, challenging her with his eyes. Having nearly been consumed by a dragon she was in no mood for mind games. Quickly she pulled the trigger, her aim dead on as it sliced through the skin on his shoulder.

To her horror the man simply laughed as he pulled the lodged arrow out effortlessly. “Mine's bigger.” He said as he lifted an enormous Rapier sword out of the water. The blade, sharp and leathal. It was as tall if not taller than Sage. He smiled in amusement at her reaction to the weapon, “Mine's bigger”, he said in a husky voice.

The End

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