"Well, sir, I was needing some oil for my invention," Drakmor said, watching the captains face for a reaction, "And Dina, if she is truly a werewolf like you say, can sniff out an ideal spot for me to dig."

Briar looked at Drakmor, probably wondering if he could trust him. The man was unreadable to Drakmor, which was odd. He could usually read people fairly well.

"I guess I can let Je-" Briar was cut off as the Jackdaw jerked to the side, as if hit by something large. Captain Briar cursed and ran out the door, Drakmor following closely behind.

Briar and Drakmor made it to the port side of the Jackdaw to see the cause of the disturbance. In the sky were dozens of black figures circling the ship. They weren't the largest creature Drakmor had ever seen, but they were fascinating to the eye.

"Captain...," Drakmor said slowly, "Are these..?"

"Aye, dragons," Briar replied, "But luckily only Black Swamp Dragons. They are smaller and usually in a pack, but not too dangerous for us."

Drakmor frowned slightly, but decided not to ask about the 'other' dragon types. Plus, now was not the time. There were dragons to take care of. Drakmor pulled his D. Eagle out, happy he had a chance to finally use it.

Beside him, Briar pulled his own gun, which looked custom made, and ran off toward the front of the ship. Drakmor didn't follow though. Instead, he aimed his weapon at the closest dragon. Though they were considered small, these dragons still ranged from being the size of a small car to a semi truck. 

Pulling the trigger, Drakmor experienced the kickback of the gun as the bullet exited the barrel. The shot was dead on, tearing a hole in the nearest dragon's head. As it fell, Drakmor made several observations about the dragons around the Jackdaw. These dragons did not have tough skin and struck together, instead of by themselves. It was odd, but they seemed to be like a swarm of bees and nothing like the Great Lizards on Mounseik... 

'Oh well,' Drakmor thought as he dodged tail swipes from two swooping Black Swamp Dragons, 'Guess I'll just have to try and enjoy this.' 

Drakmor surged his mercury blood. Time to fight.

The End

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