Drakmor - Requests and Needs

Drakmor finished his work on the two wheeled vehicle. It could not be called a motorcycle, honestly, for it was too massive. But Drakmor was proud. The large metal machine looked and sounded like it works fine. Sadly, there was no way to test the vehicle and Drakmor wouldn't ask the Captain for permission. Likely Briar was still mad at him for his 'Trick.' 

Elekiel was the one who played a trick by telling them he was trying to commit suicide! Though... Drakmor guessed the pointy-eared man probably had the right since Drakmor started it...

"Oh well," Drakmor said to himself as he laid down on the hard ground. It was far more comfortable than his sarcophagus at least.

How had he come to this point? The captain and everyone on the crew reminded him of his old friends. For some reason Lucas was even in that picture. Drakmor didn't know why, but ignored it and basked in the memories of his old life. 

He had forgotten his initial reason for joining the Jackdaws crew on purpose. Drakmor would not follow through with that anyway. Valeria wouldn't like it if he died on purpose and, knowing her willpower, she was likely watching him now.

'Wait...,' Drakmor thought. Why had meeting these people changed his views? Was it more Mystics? Or was it simply him having a good time around people who didn't judge him?

He needed answers to these thoughts. 

Nearly an hour later, Drakmor was knocking on the Captain's door.

"Come in!" the man called. Drakmor walked in, closing the door behind him.

"I need a favor," Drakmor asked, turning to meet the captain's eyes. Even though Drakmor knew he was over two hundred years older than the man, Briar still seemed the older of the two.

"And why should I give you anything but punishment?" The captain asked, a hint of anger reaching his eyes. Drakmor could have laughed, but he knew it would just make the situation worse.

"Because I need this," Drakmor replied equally, "and yesterday was a simple misunderstanding, sir." Why would he have been punished anyway? Sure, he had caused an uproar, but nothing major was done.

"What is it, then, Vayr?" 

"Alright, but I'll need Dina to help me with that nose of hers and Sage to be a mediator for our furry little stowaway. . ." 

The End

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