Death at Sea (cont'd)

Sage had been distraught over the assumed death of her friend and crew mate. He had not only made a fool of Elekeil but of her as well. Sage raised her crossbow as Drakmor approached them.

“Sage.” The captain warned.

Sage sighed, “Aye, Captain.” she said as she lowered her bow.

“What do you have to say to yourself Vayr?” The captain asked, his voice steady.

Before Drakmor could get in a single word Sage began a rant of her own, “You wanted to kill yourself, Vayr? I can do that for you right now!”

The captain grabbed Sage's bow from her grasp, even that couldn't silence her. “My father was a horrible man, even still he was wise. He told me Men who hide from life are cowards, only doing in injustice to themselves... and now you, Drakmor, don't even have the decency to at least die a warrior on the battlefield!” Sage blinked away precipitation in her eyes.

Drakmor shot her a seethering look, which she ignored. “I'm going to make super.”She said turning to leave. Over her shoulder she shot Drakmor a menacing look, “You should hope I don't find rat poisoning in the pantry, or else your meal might have some added flavor.”

The End

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