Death at Sea

Sage took to the outer deck of the Jackdaw, seeking some fresh air. She was met by a troubled looking Elekiel staring out into the expanse of water.

“What ails you?” Sage asked gently placing a hand on his shoulder.

The elf's face had gone ashen, slowly he brought his gaze up to hers, “I fear Drakmor has taken his life.... you see he jumped aboard plagued with sadness.”

Minutes later Sage was rushing through the ship to find the captain. She had only known Drakmor for a short period of time, but the thought of anyone ending their life so abruptly was heart wrenching.

“Captain!” She shouted tearing past the rest of the crew, shoving her way to the cockpit.

The captain, stood up immediately, “What's the matter.”

Sage struggled to regain her breathe, “Drak,-Drakmor he well.” She blinked away the rapidly forming tears in her eyes. She didn't want the captain to see her fall apart.

“Well he what?!” The captain demanded growing impatient.

Sage regained her composure the best way that she could, “He jumped off of the jackdaw, Elekiel said he was intent on ending his life.”

The captain grasped Sage's hand in his own, a kind gesture meant to calm her down. After a moment he let go and rushed to the deck to find Elekiel. A small crowd gathered around him. The men had taken their hats off in respect of the life that they has assumed was lost.

Sage stood besides the new recruit, James Stalworth who began to play to saw a somber tune on a violin Before the song could end, a figure was spotted in the distance, carrying a large round object.

“Is that?” Captain wondered staring off into the distance with the rest of his crew.

“Aye, Aye Captain it's Vayr!” A man named Sylvester shouted.

Drakmor was awkwardly swimming back to the ship with a tire.

Everyone murmured their disbelief. Sage noticed the captain's face growing red with anger once the initial shock and relief of the crew wore off. The Captain remained quiet. Sage hadn't known the man to create havoc with his emotions, she never thought Briar had much of a temper. But now, it was written all over his face, “Good” Sage thought, let Drakmor feel the captain's wrath.

“Go about your business.” The captain waved dismissively at his crew. They broke off, dispersing themselves amongst the Jackdaw, going about their business as if nothing had happened.

Sage still stood a few feet behind the captain. He shot a look at her over his shoulder.

“I mean no disrespect captain, but I intend to give Drakmor a piece of my mind.”

“Sage...”The captain tried pleading warily.

Drakmor, pulled himself aboard the ship with a rope. Dropping the large tire on the deck. He glanced from Sage to the captain, confusion was etched on his face. Clearly his cruel trick had backfired.

The End

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