Drakmor's Fun

Drakmor walked the halls of the Jackdaw, his duties for the day finished. 

He was growing used to the people on the ship, and they were growing used to him sadly. Most the men found him unreadable and cold, though he simply couldn't bring himself to care, and appearantly the few women on the ship had gotten word of how he 'tamed' the stowaway beast, so they thought him sweet... It was a bother, but Drakmor decided to put on his nice face for the women. If Valeria were here, she would smack him if he was cold to them anyway.

Drakmor's head dropped slightly at the thought of her. How long had it been since he killed her? Would she have forgiven him? Drakmor shook his head, growing angry at himself. Val would have gotten made if he DID blame himself. Would she?

Drakmor, mad at his own thoughts, slammed his fist into the side of the ship, causing the iron frame to dent slightly.

"Now that's no way to treat this ship, Vayr," Captain Briar's voice said behind him. Drakmor's heart sunk. 

"Do you have a room with spare parts?" Drakmor asked without turning. The Captain gave him brief directions and Drakmor set off. Behind him, Briar muttered about the dent. Drakmor really did feel bad about it, but what was done, was done. All he could do is do better.

After a while of walking, Drakmor reached the room filled with spare parts. Drakmor gasped when he walked in. Among the shelves upon shelves made of wood, were thousands of spare equipment and scraps. This would be fun. But what to make first?

Drakmor decided the crew needed something for land travel. As he looked around, Dramor found a wheel from some old vehicle, and a few other parts. For some reason, however, he could not find another wheel. Well, it was pointless without at least two wheels, and he had no idea of what else to make really, so Drakmor walked back out of the room.

Once outside, Drakmor made his way to a railing on the edge of the ship.

Beside him, Elekiel walked up. "What's on your mind?" The strange man asked. Drakmor had met Elekiel on several occasions, but he could never place an age on the slender man. His body and face, along with the neat hairstyle he sported, made him seem as young as 20, but his eyes... Those eyes held the wisdom of someone older.

"I'm thinking about jumping, honestly," Drakmor replied, focusing on the ground below. 

"Why?" Elekiel asked him, seeming slightly troubled, "Does life seem so bad aboard this ship?"

Drakmor just laughed loudly. The man had misunderstood. Drakmor knew even this height would not kill him. What was the point in trying? "Look," He said to the doctor, "Below is some ancient ruins. I saw some parts I might can use." Elekiel squinted, but obviously could not see what Drakmor saw.

Drakmor smiled slyly. He wondered how far he could go in messing with this man. Looking around, Drakmor found a large wheel of rope, used for emergencies probably. He walked over and pulled it free. 

Elekiel watched Drakmor pull out all the rope, tied one end to a steel support beam, and the other to his own waist.. The feeling of having someone watch you was annoying, but Drakmor ignore the man's gaze. Drakmor gave Elekiel a brief smile when he walked back beside the doctor, then jumped.

Air rushed at Drakmor as he fell. Below him, water rushed upward. Excitement and a little fear rose inside Drakmor. He would retrieve the wheel he saw earlier, then climb back up to see Elekiel's reaction. It was a fun idea, after all.

The End

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