Leopold Briar - Maps and Musings

Between the emergence of a stowaway - and a werewolf at that - and a few sad revelations about Drakmor, there was much to occupy Leopold Briar's mind as he returned to his captain's quarters that evening. But, as he had left the Dina girl in the care of Sage - whom he was quickly growing to trust - and the ever-faithful Elekiel, he allowed himself to attend to drawing some of his maps before going to bed.

Every time the Jackdaw docked, Leopold made sure he had enough ink and parchment to continue constructing these maps. As there were maps enough in a room particularly intended for navigation one floor below, this was a hobby more than a necessity for the captain, something to distract his mind, yet something that required as much devotion, artistry and accuracy as the formation of a first-rate crew.

Accordingly, his maps contained embellishments: the insignias of Galabria, his house, and whatever country the map happened to be of; and also those little artistic details - angels blowing the various winds, waves on the sea, little leaves on the trees, the "'Ere be Dragons". On maps alone, " 'Ere be Dragons' did not signify actual dragons but any gargantuan, man-eating species of monster that made travel there impractical.

Just before he went to bed, he looked once more over the folders that detailed the quest. Once more, they revealed the same information. There was an isolated town, named Masaire, that every night was attacked by assailants that kept themselves hidden. Twelve men had been killed, and various buildings damaged or ransacked.

It seemed straightforward enough, so then why had Etwin looked suspicious? Leopold sighed and, as he always did when it was night and matters seemed far more confusing than they had that morning, fell asleep.

The End

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