Sage lead the creature Dina, to her bedroom. She had a tub of water sent to her quarters, for bathing purposes.

“Alright in you go.” Sage motioned towards the tub.

Dina shot her a dubious look. Sage groaned as she took Dina's hand. She aggressively tried leading her to the tub. Dina fought her tooth and nail, struggling to get away from her. Sage new this was the girl struggling and not the beast on the inside. She knew the girl didn't have reason to turn on her right now.

Dina grabbed the post of Sage's bed, she was strong and unwilling, to let Sage help her. Sage couldn't blame her she didn't welcome Dina with a warm embrace. But still the captain gave her orders to get the girl bathed. Sage grabbed Dina around the midsection forcing her to let go of the bed post. She pulled away from her bed and the two girls tumbled backwards, falling into the tub of water.

Sage cursed under her breathe, she was wearing her warm fox fur lined boots. Already she could feel the water seeping in through the souls of them.

Dina's face transformed. It was the first time Sage saw her smile. The corner's of Sage's mouth twitched a little as She struggled to suppress her own smile.

Sage used the ceramic pitcher that was brought in with the tub, to wash Dina's hair. It wasn't too long ago that her own servants were grooming her like that. Sage didn't mind doing this for Dina. From the looks of her scarred body and fragile looking frame, it didn't seem Dina was used to such treatment and care.

Sage dressed her in a green robe. “Elekiel, is going to tend to your scars. I'll give you some proper attire to wear after that.”

Elekiel entered shortly after that. Sage smiled appreciative at the elf doctor. He was gentle, and a comforting presence, just what Dina needed right now.

Sage stood behind the Dr watching tentatively as he applied salve to Dina's wounds. Once done Dina took up occupancy on Sage's bed and began to drift into slumber.

Elekiel turned to Sage, “Be careful.” He warned.

Sage nodded. “Yes I know, she's in a fragile state of course I'm-"

“No.” He interrupted, “I mean you need to be careful not to tempt the girl into turning on you.”

Sage crossed her arms, “Do you think I'm that horrid that I could anger a-”,She lowered her voice. “-Beast girl, as powerless as I am?”

Sage glanced at the girl, who she had mistaken for a warm blanket.

Elekiel's smiled kindly at her. “Misdirected anger is a power all it's own, and a heavy rock to walk with.” He said meaningfully.

Sage looked back at Dina, who had fallen asleep on her bed. Sage wondered whose anger she wore on her scars?

The End

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