Drakmor: Origins

Drakmor smiled as she left. The captain might have taken it for encouragement, but it was because of the girl's ability. Dina could be a great help on jobs if she could control the beast inside her.

"Now," Captain Briar said sternly, "what did she mean by a monster?"

Drakmor smiled widely. "She can morph into a wolf-like beast."

The captain looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well... I guess a few of them still do exist." Drakmor just stood there, slightly impressed. This man knew a lot about this world, so it was no wonder he knew what the girl was. But Drakmor didn't and his curiosity wouldn't allow him to remain ignorant. 

The Captain must have noticed a questioning look in Drakmor's face, for he quickly explained. "Among some ancient tribes, they believed in ancient beastial gods. Sometimes they would find those among themselves that could change form, usually on will. They made these people their leaders. Now days, we know this is simply the 'Wolf Trait' which is simply a rare condition that allows someone to change into a half-human half-wolf. I have never seen one before, though..."

Drakmor was impressed, but not surprised. Briar always seemed to know more than most people on the ship. Well any Captain needed knowledge, but mostly just about navigation and planning. Drakmor guessed he would have to exchange information some day, if only to get an idea of the extent of Captain Briar's knowledge.

"I guess she's just like Lorenzo then...," Drakmor muttered to himself. The Captain gave him a questionable glance, obviously curious. "He's not around anymore."

"Drakmor," the Captain asked, seeming serious, "who are you and where did you come from?" Drakmor froze. Why would this man, who claimed to not care about his crew's backgrounds, ask him this? "I usually don't ask," Briar continued, "But I have never seen a living being with your appearance or abilities."

Drakmor sighed. He had no choice, after all. He liked it here. He hadn't even thought of suicide since they left Galabria. "I," Drakmor started, "am well over two hundred years old."

"Is that true?" the Captain replied. Drakmor met his eyes. Briar should know Drakmor didn't lie by now. 

"I was raised being experimented on and shaped into a weapon," he continued, " I eventually escaped, making friends along the way. But... I lost someone precious to me and it crushed me. Eventually I even attacked my own father, when he tried to help. So, to punish me I assume, he shot me through some gateway to this place. I heard about your ragtag crew, and decided it would be dangerous. Maybe dangerous enough to get me killed honestly." Drakmor just stood there, waiting for the Captain's reaction.

"You are a crewmember on this ship," Briar said as he turned to walk away, "which means you will address me as Captain when you speak to me." 

"Yes, Captain!" Drakmor replied, smiling slightly as the Captain walked away. Who was this man? 

The End

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