Dina Agaue: Meeting Strangers

Dina tried to escape his grasp but after being thrown twice she knew he was stronger than her. And what strength she had was draining too quickly. She shivered as the cold air hit her naked form. The man holding her immediately pulled his jacket tighter round her and some of the shivering disappeared. The women who had been hiding in the other room re-entered with a look of shock. Then it changed to a careful smile as she moved closer. All Dina cared about was the food she was holding.
“Oh, and what's going on here,” she said, studying her carefully.
“She was the beast,” the man said and Dina tried to remember what few words she knew to understand them. The man released her and draped his coat over her, closing it up. Dina pulled the folds closer to her. The man watched her with his strange, silver eyes and Dina looked back in curiosity.

“You're all right, I promise you this,” He said. She tried to scramble her brain for what the words meant. She recognised promise. She'd heard it before, her father would say things, but they would never happen. The line of thought left her mind as the women moved closer with the food.
“Now,” the man began, his voice slightly more stern, “On this ship we work for our food.” Dina tried not to glare as she remembered how her father made her “work”.
“Your job is to tell me your name and to promise not to hurt this little girlie here, ok?” he asked. Dina nodded vigorously, trying to keep her eyes on him and not the food.
“Dina,” she replied with a big grin, “And I promise.” Dina hoped that this was a place were making promises meant something as she used his word. The women gave her the food and she ripped into it quickly. And once it was gone she licked the grease from her fingers.
“What are we going to tell Captain Briar?” The women said with an exhausted sigh. Dina had never heard of a captain and perked her head to the side as she listened.
“The truth,” the man replied before holding out a hand.

“Let's go,” He said. Dina hesitated before taking his hands and tried to form words.
“Your name?” she asked, glancing between the man and women.
“I'm Drakmor,” he replied. Dina's face scrunched up as she tried to say the word out loud.
“Don't worry about it,” The man said, interrupting her various attempts. The girls name was considerably easier to pronounce. Sage took her other hand and she left the room she'd been hiding in. She wondered if she would get more food but they led her away from the kitchen. She was led through one of the corridors to an area full of noises. Mostly of people moving and she thought she heard some kind of instrument playing somewhere. The noise was very somewhat cut off when they entered a room and closed the door. Dina stared around the room, taking in the shelves of books and scrolls. She looked at a table in the middle and approached it.

“That's a map of Galabria,” Drakmor explained. Dina didn't recognise the word map, but she knew Galabria was where she lived. Her eyes scanned the intricate lines and etched on mountains and forests with wonder. Looking at the foreign written words of unknown places.
“Sir...” It wasn't until she heard Sage's tentative voice that Dina turned round to see a man walking in, already fixing her with a unreadable stare. Although he didn't have the appearance of an impressive man there was a cunning ingenuity underneath that she could sense.
“What's this? A stowaway?” He asked, glancing from her to the other two. Drakmor stood slightly in front of her, as if this man might pose some kind of risk to her.
“She's starving and scarred. I can only worry for her well-being if you chose to throw her into the streets,” He said. Dina was unable to see his face but the seriousness of his tone reached her ears.

“Drakmore-” The man began his reply, but Sage cut him off.
“Please,” she whispered and the captain sighed.
“What do you guys think of me? It is a pointless waste of time anyway. We're too far away. Going back to drop off one scrawny brat would be a waste of resources,” The man said before looking at her.
“What's your name?” he asked.
“Dina, I promised the man already,” She replied, clutching the folds of the coat round her.
“Call me Captain Briar and what promise was that?”
“Not to hurt anyone.” The man seemed to suppress a laugh at he took her in.
“And how would you hurt people?” he asked.
“I'm a monster,” she said quietly. Drakmor watched her with alarm and joined the captain in front of her.

“Why would you say that?” Drakmor asked and Dina tilted her head to the side. Wondering why she was being asked such a question by someone who had seem her beastly counter-part.
“Daddy said I was monster,” she explained. She saw Drakmor's fist ball slightly.
“He was wrong,” he said. She noticed the captain and him exchange a look. One that suggested they would be having another conversation. Dina hoped she hadn't got Drakmor in trouble.
“How old are you?” the captain asked.
“Dad said I was twenty-two a while ago,” she said. She saw shock cross the two men's faces but Sage made an audible gasp.
“She looks sixteen,” Sage murmured to herself. Dina didn't know what to think of the comment and glanced back at the captain. He sighed and stood up.
“Sage, wash her and find her some cloths. Drakmor, stay here.” Sage nodded and held out a hand for Dina to take. Dina glanced behind her as she left, wondering again if she had caused Drakmor trouble.

The End

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