Night terror page three

 He opened his mouth as if he were about to say something, when  he was interrupted by a sudden crash.

She looked towards her crew mate for reassurance.

Drakmor simply shook his head. “Stay here.”

Drakmor turned on his heel and began hunting for the source of the noise. Sage ignored his plea for her to stay put, and followed him He shot her a dark look from over his shoulder. They were headed towards the supply closet.

“I thought I heard a noise in there earlier.” Sage admitted.

He raised his glanced at her curiously.

She didn't bother explaining the strange dreams, and noises that followed. “I didn't see anything, unusual. Just a fur blanket the captain had hidden.”

“ A fur blanket, doesn't usually make a noise. It's dead animal hide you see....” He added mockingly, masking his own uneasy feelings.

“Stay back.” He said, reaching for the door.

The End

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