Night terror page two

She glanced at all the buttons and knobs and levers in amazement. How could the captain possibly keep track of each one's function? She wondered. She picked up a small brass instrument, that lay on the captain's seat. It was the captain's portable telescope, yet another gadget that was off limits to her. She moved closer to the window and extended the lens, to get a better view of the city.  It was dark outside but a few lanterns were lit for her  father's watchmen who often took to strolling the streets at night.

Like her father the watchmen had adopted cruel fascist morals, the same morals that had motivated Sage's escape from Galabria once her mother had passed. She found solstice in the Jackdaw, though she had to beg for the captain to let her come aboard. She lied and told him she possessed great cooking skills. In return he gave her a crossbow for protection and permitted her presence on the Jackdaw.

Sage studied the outlay of Galabria. Even at night it was brilliant and breathtaking for a city so corrupt. The houses of the capital were artfully designed by world renowned architects. During the day artisans set up shop, selling fur pelts, foreign foods and gems from the sea. Flowers and elaborate fountain's outlined the capitol. Anything beyond it's richness was supposedly obsolete.

Sage jumped back at the sound of the cockpit door opening. Quickly she tossed the telescope back on the captain's seat. She turned to see Drakmor standing in the doorway. She quickly regained her composure.

“See anything good?” He asked.

Sage took in the sight of him. He was an intimidating figure, and not so much because of his height or the well defined muscles that even a shirt wouldn't hide, it was the dangerous glint in his eyes, like he was always up for a challenge. He required two of the deadliest traits; the strength of a boar and the cunning wit of a fox. She had heard wild stories about the man and refused to believe any of them were true. Punching wholes through steel barriers? What logic did that fall under?

Drakmor raised his eyebrow, and she instantly averted here gaze and turned her attention back to his question. “ There is nothing good about this place. Don't let it's beauty deceive you.”

The End

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