Night terrors

Sage had been on the Jackdaw for a little over a week, most nights she had no trouble sleeping. But on this night her dreams were plagued with beasts, the kind the crew often jested about. Beasts from the stories' her mother told her as a child so she wouldn't stay outside past sundown.

Sage awoke, startled by a loud noise. She grabbed for her shawl to drape around her shoulders, the air was frigid. The Jackdaw was parked on a large port close to the chilled water. At night September produced condensation that settled on the windows of the air craft.

They were back in Galabria, the captain was getting his assignments from the council. He was vague and nondescript, when Sage had interrogated him about the assignment. Leaving her to guess where they would be headed next.

Sage walked into the kitchen, where she thought the noise came from. She heard nothing at first, than after a moment a soft rustling. It was coming from the supply closet. She grabbed the broom bracing herself. For all she knew that rank closet housed refugee rats. She turned the handle cautiously. Although it was hard to make out in the dark, the closet was void of anything suspicious. Crates of ammo, crates of rum and what looked like a warm pelted blanket. Sage breathed a sigh of relief. She ran her hand across the warm fur. She would make a point to complain to the captain about stashing away fine bedding when he said, he had little to spare.

Once her nerves calmed, Sage took advantage of the crews slumber. And made her way to the front of the ship. She wiped away the condensation and starred grimly out the large window of the Jackdaw's cockpit. The captain warranted her about being in the cockpit alone, but seeing as the rest of the crew was sleeping off a well earned stupor, she didn't even fathom being caught, as light as she was on her feet.

The End

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