Dina Agaue: Somewhere Strange

Dina didn't know how long she had been walking, though she knew it had to be some time when she saw the sky staining with the orange and soft pinks of sunrise. This area was unknown to her, the streets were cleaner and the wall white-washed. The smell of dirt and smoke was less clear here. Instead she could smell various perfumes from the extravagantly dress women hat occasionally passed by her. Though they kept their distance with a wary eye. Dina had noticed that people looked her way more often. She knew she stood out here and she should leave, but the combating delicious food smells kept her walking up the incline until the smell of smoking coal grew strong.

Even she couldn't stop the gasp of awe when she saw it. It was shaped differently from the other buildings and she could smell cooking food inside. She glanced around but saw no one was watching her in this area full of boxes and other cargo. She approached the beast carefully, keeping a careful eye on those she could see on the deck. She darted inside the first opening she could find and found herself in a small corridor. The heat down here was unbearable and she quickly moved away from it.

The sound of voices differed close and she muffled a panicked noise before it could escape. She ran through the nearest opening and nearly let the noise out before realising the person before her was asleep. She glanced at the strange instruments hanging around the room before spotting fruit on one of the counters. She tip toed over, not that she would've woken the loudly-snoring man easily. She grabbed an armful and turned to leave. Pauses just outside the corridor and listening intently. She realised the voices were closer than before and went into the first door she could find. It was a storeroom of sorts, filled with huge crates. Dina hid herself at the back of the room and snuggled between two of them. Then started eating the food she'd stolen.

When she had eaten everything she found standing up a lot easier. She could hear various voices in the kitchen now but was certain no one was interested in this room. She lifted the lid of the nearest crate and found it was fully of oddly shaped shiny things. She picked a thin, small thing with a sharp thing and studied it. She jabbed it as the wood of the crate and yanked it out. She knew there was a name for the object but couldn't recall it. All the same it was a weapon. She opened another box and found cloth inside. She quickly pulled out a new blanket and wrapped up in it, clinging her new weapon under the material. She returned to her little spot and quickly found her eyes drifting shut.

She didn't wake until the floor shook. She curled into a tighter ball and held her weapon out of the blanket. Expecting someone to come. When no one appeared and her hand was sore from gripping the handle she stood up on shaky legs. She saw a small round clear thing and approached it. She backed away and fell over a small crate. Barely muffling her own shocked voice. Because what she had seen was that the floor had moved away. She hadn't got over the initial impact before she heard a voice growing closer.
“What was that?” A stranger said as the doorknob turned. Dina darted to her hiding place and hoped not to be caught.

The End

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