Sage Rosewood: Escape From the Capital

       Sage knew there would be an uprising soon. The citizens were growing more restless, more of their fury was focused on the capitol who found every excuse to take away their hard earned monies by raising taxes and ordering penances for unheard of laws. Everything was hush hush, rumors of conspiracies rang out. It was said that the Emperor was harboring demons and otherworldly beasts to do his bidding. Sage's father would be kept busy keeping citizens in line and handing out unjust punishments, he governed a small sect of the capitol, and took his job seriously succumbing to their facsist ways.

Sage had been waiting for the opportune time to leave the lavish estate and never return. It was shortly after her mother's funeral that she found an out. Her father was away on business his lackeys preoccupied with keeping the citizens in line.

It wasn't an effortless escape. She cloaked herself to keep her face obscured from the public. Inside her cloak she stashed some of her most expensive pieces of jewelry to sell. Their was no sentiment attached to these little gems, but even so she felt as if she were trading her riches for rags. The money she obtained from her jewelry was strictly for living off of. Survival purposes only. Luxuries would be a thing in the past.

It took half a day to reach the center of town. Her neck was sore from walking the distance with her head bowed. She raised her head, and saw that her efforts had paid off. As rumored the Beautiful Vessel was parked in the empty lot across from the county building. It was a complex design, a lot of thought had obviously gone into the construction of the Jackdaw.

Anxiously she summoned Captain Briar.  

" What can I help you with Ma'am?" He said eyeing her suspiciously.

" I wish to join your crew- before you say no -

Captain Leopold held up his hand, "This is no place for a women of your stature."

Sage muttered a curse under her breath for not dirtying her face or tearing her clothes, so that captain might pity her.  

 " Go on get along I've been repremanded in the past for allowing women aboard." He said stubbornly.

“I can earn my keep.” She pleaded.

This peeked the captain's interest. “How are you going to do that?”

I- I can cook!” She lied, "And I promise I'll stay in the background so nobody will hardly even notice me!"




The End

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