Drakmor Vayr: Beginning of Descent

  Drakmor walked through the busy streets of Galabria, searching for his quarry. People yelled at him to look at their wares or buy something, yet Drakmor just ignored them as he walked toward the docks. This ‘Jackdaw’ he had heard about was apparently restocking in the city.

                It was an odd name, but for some reason Drakmor liked it. A name like that seemed to signify a strength borne out of diversity. It seemed to say, “Welcome!” He just hoped the actual airship proved to live up to its unorthodox name.

                Drakmor wore a large cloak with his hood covering his messy silver hair. A beard had formed on his face, causing Drakmor to be mistaken for someone who was elderly. ‘I guess I am old though…’ Drakmor thought idly. The gates to the docks passed overhead. Drakmor stopped in his tracks.

                Before him was a massive ship of grand design. Drakmor had known it was big, but he never expected it to be this big. Although it looked as if it were several centuries old - with its wooden structure and iron frame - the Jackdaw seemed powerful as ever. The main thing that stuck out to Drakmor were the strange wings attached to the side of the ship. How did it work? Drakmor knew those wings alone could not keep the massive structure in the air. 

                Drakmor found himself excited, mainly because he wanted to know how it worked. His curiousity was stirring and this time Drakmor would attempt to indulge it. After all, it wouldn't change his plans of Death. He would reunite with Valeria eventually.

                Drakmor took off, happy that his excitement had overshadowed his gloom for that moment. He wondered if he could find a meaning aboard this airship. Well, he would see. Doubts were still in his mind, yet his hopes were overshadowing them. Drakmor would at least have stories to tell Val when he saw her.

                Finally making it through the busy docks, Drakmor made his way to the entrance to the Jackdaw. Seeing it this close, Drakmor realized it was even larger up close. He felt as if he were facing a Great Lizard again. Except, of course, this one didn't want to kill him.

               'I hope it doesn't...,' Drakmor thought, his mind subconsciously thinking of how to take the massive ship down. First he would use his pistol to take out a hinge in the wings, hopefully distabling the ship. Then, he would...

                A man Drakmor identified as the Captain stepped into his path, pulling Drakmor from his thoughts. He wasn't a tall man, and his hooked nose made Drakmor think of Seikren. But, for some reason, he seemed more solid than many men Drakmor had ever met. Almost as if he were a legendary figure of some kind. Of course, from what Drakmor had heard from locale villages, he was the opposite of a hero.

              The Captain stared at Drakmor intently, as if he were searching for something. Drakmor stared back for a moment, examining the man with his silver eyes, before offering his hand.

                “My name is Drakmor Vayr,” He said curtly, “and I wish to join your crew, Captain Briar.”

The End

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