Camille: Taking Flight

No. He was lying. That wasn't possible. 

"I don't have time for your games, Wiseacre."

I heard a body hitting the side of the car and I could only hope it wasn't someone on my side. It was only so long the night circus could hold off Wiseacre's troops.

Time to hurry.

I started my attacks again, with double the effort. Until the cane hit me square in the gut and I fell.

The Admiral whipped out a handgun and held it to my skull.

"You've left me no choice, Camilla. May the afterlife serve you well."

I waited for the bang, but I looked up to see the strangest sight I could have possibly imagined.

An invisible force was pulling him back. An invisible Boltake, I should say.

A smile found its way to my lips and I got to my feet, picking up the gun that had fallen out of Wiseacre's hands.

I held up the gun with a practiced hand and took my shot. 

Boltake fell to the ground, clutching his stomach.

Wiseacre actually looked somewhat surprised.

"Why, Camilla-"

"-I've changed my mind.  I want fifty-one percent."

He laughed, shaking his head in amusement.

"Now, now that is quite ridiculous. You can't possibly expect-"

I shot his left shoulder.

"I wouldn't haggle if I were you, Wiseacre."

He looked somewhat pained but took the bullet with military resistance.

"Fine. Let me call my lawyer."

I shot the same spot again.

"I have the papers."

I shoved a folder onto a coffee table and I put a pen down on top of it.


Wiseacre approached the stack tentatively and put his sprawling signature everywhere I told him to with the gun at his head.

At least he wasn't trying to use a fake signature. 

"Okay, witness, come sign the papers." I said in a bored voice, watching Boltake rematerialize and proceed to do as I asked.

Wiseacre stared at him.

"What? How are-"

"-fake blood. As well as a good shot." Boltake explained, chuckling.

I heard Vivian yelling something through the door and I gestured for him to hurry up.

"We don't have any time. Let's get out of here."

Boltake picked up the papers and I put the gun back at Wiseacre's head, preparing myself for what I had wanted to do for so long. 

"Any last words?"

"Camilla, please-"

I shot him clear through the skull before he could finish. I emptied the entire gun into his lifeless body, looking at him in disgust.

"My name's Camille."

With that I wiped the gun off, throwing it beside him.

"You sure all of this will burn?" I asked Boltake, searching through the many filing cabinets messily.

"Of course it will. I've engineered the fuel myself. Doesn't leave a thing, except for what the police will need to recognize the bodies."

When I found what I needed I emptied it into the duffel bag on my shoulder, running outside with Boltake.

Only our helicopter was left. We both clambered on, lifting into the air noisily.

When we were at a safe height Boltake handed me the lighter.

"You do the honours."

I looked down at the big top, at all the unsuspecting people inside it. My friends, my family...

"Can't we evacuate them all?"

"The police would be able to tell. It would be suspicious, not to mention one of them would be bound to leak something. The night circus doesn't legally exist."

I thought about Nixie, Stinger, Myah and Lisette. About Eli. 

And then I thought about what I was, and I struck the flame open. 

I could see Boltake's blue eyes through the light of the dancing orange, before I threw it down to the earth.

It burst into a fire instantly, spreading so quickly and violently that I knew no one could ever escape it. 

I was Camille St. Croix. I was the daughter of a monster.

I was a killer. 

The End

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