Camille: Attack

I knew what I had to do. 

There was enough force in the night circus to physically take Wiseacre down. When he was at a weak point, at least. 

All I had to do was get them all out of the car and in a position to rush Wiseacre's office. 

I was in a bush a few yards from the car, but I wasn't really getting any bright ideas.

Could always break the venting again, but it would take much too long to hoist everyone out and Wiseacre would have plenty of time to show up and figure out what was going on. 

And that would be the end of it all.

So, when it came down to it, I probably didn't know what I had to do. 


I stealthily made my way behind the car and tested my talons on the metal. 

Sliced through like butter.

After a few minutes I had made a hole large enough for someone big to crouch through and was face to face with multiple performers who had heard the racket.

Before I could react they started pouring out, stretching and taking deep breaths of the fresh-ish air. 

Vivian smirked upon seeing me.

"A creature of the night. How fitting."

The others seemed intent on wandering off but she called them back with a whistle.

"I suggest we all listen to the young lady that just gave us this excursion."

I gestured for them to keep out of sight and spoke in a low tone.

"So this is how it's going to go down..."


I walked towards the Admiral's car, my wings folded tightly out of sight. 

Almost immediately two of his thugs walked toward me, demanding where I was going. I simply unsheathed my talons and struck both of their necks simultaneously, hooking in and pulling down to tear through flesh.

Boltake thought I was weak. He didn't realize how strong the soldier in me was. 

A few other burly henchmen came to investigate the commotion and I took them down just as quickly.

Soon enough I was at the door and knocked politely.

"Ah, Camill-"

I punched Wiseacre in the jaw before he could say anything further, walking in and shutting the door behind me before slugging him again.

Within a split second I had been whipped hard across the face with his cane, and I stumbled back.

"This is quite a pleasant surprise, Camilla dear, but I must say you lack finesse!"

When I ran at him again he parried my every blow with his cane. 

"You have so much potential, is it absolutely necessary to throw it all away on this little crusade? How much of a cut do you want? Five percent? Ten?"

"I don't want your money!" I hissed, continuing my assault.

"Fifteen, and that's my final offer."

I got hit in the head where the staples were and grimaced, but Wiseacre didn't take the chance to finish me off.

"I hope you know just how much money that is. Imagine, a life of luxury and every convenience! Millions!"

Even though I was dazed I swung at him again, missing but grazing him with the talons just emerging.

"Camilla," he started, with a serious tone, "I am quite capable of ending this confrontation badly, but I never liked severing family ties."

I paused, taking a few steps back.


He smirked, leaning on his cane looking as if his impressive show of defense was effortless.

"I knew about Gabriel's little pet project. Before he got his hands on that Luna's corpse I made my own investment into the matter."

My mind wasn't working properly.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Wiseacre's almost malicious smile grew.

"I corrupted her DNA with my own. Camilla...I am your father."

The End

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