Stinger: Strangers

Save me? Really, now. That would be amazing. 

BUT! I am a man! I could save myself! Now that I had a way to fight this mind control... um... thing, I could go against him. Maybe I could wear earplugs and just beat him until he gave me that button? Yeah, that seemed like a good idea. 

I kept on thinking about different plans of actions as I walked down the train's rooftop. Since I was young, I had done this. It wasn't something that was really hard to do, plus the train was not a cheap thing like other circus' had, so it was a smooth ride. 

What I did not expect was another person on the roof the train.

Though covered in the shadow of night, I could see a few things right off the bat. She was a tall thing, but not too tall to see me eye to eye. At first I almost thought she was Cam, with how her body was proportioned, but her face was a dead giveaway. Even with plastic surgery, Cam couldn't gave that flirtatious of a smile. Had I met the girl I could find a challenge from?

"Well, hello, Madam," I said, bowing as the wind blew my black hair out of it's placement. Well, with the wind blowing on my back, there wasn't much I could do to keep it back. At least my goatee couldn't get messed up.

"Oh, hello handsome," she replied back, giving me a fake curtsy without actually having a dress or skirt to hold up. I nearly tripped when I realized the woman only wore a two piece leather bikini of sorts... Was she part of the night circus? 

Well, she knew the game, at least. Maybe I could forget all my worries about the others... I didn't even know I broke Nyx's ribs til earlier. Sure, I had to hit her hard, but broke bones? Damn... ANYWAY, back to this gorgeous challenge. 

"I usually come up here to find solitude," I told the woman, "But sometimes it's better to be in the company of a beautiful woman like yourself."

She smiled at my compliment and walked over until we were a kiss apart. "You're a cute one, aren't you? Coming up and acting like you can woo me like one of those bimbos."

I smiled my most charming smile. "I'm sure you and I both know you aren't like the others. It's like comparing a pansy to a rose in bloom."

"Ah, but a rose can prick you," she told me, her deep blue eyes capturing my own and holding them, "Are you sure you don't want to go back to your pansies and stay safe?"

"Sometimes it's because you may hurt the pansies that you go for the roses," I told her, "You need a flower that can match yourself." My eyes rolled downward over her nearly uncovered body in an obvious way. "Plus, the more of a chance you take, the greater the treasure. Right?"

The woman smiled honestly and backed away slightly. "I think I misjudged you, Scorpion."

Scorpion? I hadn't heard that in a long time... "So, you are part of the night circus, then."

She smiled and them jumped into an opening I hadn't seen.

"Well, that was odd." 

"Yeah, you're right."

I jumped and turned around to see Cam sitting behind me. She was.. different. But, it was Cam. Wait, what did she want with me? Oh damn, I couldn't seem to calm myself. Why, though? Maybe.. Out of all of the ones I had to beat up, I hurt Cam the most. Did she hate me?

"Hey, Cam..."

The End

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