Camille: Car

" hopeless."

I wouldn't be so sure. Boltake stated matter-of-factly. You've made considerable progress.

"You're just saying that to keep me from giving up on this mission of yours."

It's not only my mission, remember? And I have ample motivation for you if need be.

Oh yeah. He could zap my brains to mush on his cell phone. Killer app.

"What kind of motivation?" I asked, playing dumb, "What are you paying me for this gig?"

I trust your life is payment enough?

"I don't care if you kill me Boltake," I hummed, "I'm going to die here regardless of whether or not its under your command."

Is it truly necessary to discuss wages at this moment?

"I don't want to get ripped off, okay? It can't be cheap getting people in this circus, so pay me what it's worth."

You're just like her...

I barely heard his remark and scrunched up my face in thought.

"What? Who?"

Someone who's gone. The matter is unimportant.

"Ookay then. Be the brooding billionaire. Don't tell me I didn't try."

That would be a travesty, Miss St. Croix. I appreciate your efforts.

"Do I get a bonus?"

He chuckled on the line.

"Fine, then I'll make sure to talk to you somewhere that isn't soundproofed next time, boss."

Perhaps. Is that better?

"Very much so."

My phone buzzed and I jumped, hitting my head on the low ceiling.

Need to talk to u. Eli


I climbed out of the storage compartment and started making my way down the train when I accidentally bumped into someone and sent their papers sprawling.

"Oh, I am so sorry." I offered, picking things up for them.

And then I looked up and recognized the doctor who I'd stolen from. He didn't seem to recognize me, though. Must have been the wig and/or the surgeries.

"Have I met you before?" he asked, taking the papers from me.

"No. Definitely not. I would have remembered someone so...bald."

The man's free hand went to his head in surprise and the action gave me the time I needed to brush past and walk rapidly on.

Until I heard him yelling for security.

I broke into a jog, weaving through whoever I could as I moved from car to car. When I risked a glance back I caught sight of Orzo stampeding forward after me. 

My hands went out and started knocking things down behind me to slow him down, and I picked up the pace.

Until, of course, I reached the last, locked car.

I jostled the handle, but it was tight as ever. My mind, however, decided it was time for a really bright idea. 

I scaled the wall and pushed the emergency exit on the ceiling open. I climbed out, grunting with the effort. 

Wind hit me harshly and I fell flat onto the train car roof as the trapdoor swung shut on its own accord. I chose then to remember I was on a moving train. 

Wow, I was dumb. 

No need to panic, Miss St. Croix. Boltake assured, You simply need to find another way to re-enter the train. 

He made it sound so easy. 

I looked over my shoulder at the top of the last car, almost crying for joy when I noticed it had some kind of venting. Well, I was already 'crying' because the wind had forced bleary streaks down my face. It was absolutely terrifying but I scooched backwards until I reached the grille and tried to pull at it with my fingers.

That wasn't working.

"Hello?" I called into it, "Somebody please let me into this car before I fly off the roof to a painful death!"

That was unnecessary.

"Shut up." I muttered to Boltake, trying to peer into the darkness below my hands.

"Move away from the vent." a voice called from inside, prompting immediate compliance.

The grille bent and flew off the roof, and I stared in shock a moment before lowering myself in feet-first.

I was not prepared for what met my eyes.


The End

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