Stinger: Fight the Power

What to do, what to do... What could I do?

I walked nervously in front of my own door, trying to figure out if I should go and find Camille, who was said to be back with the circus. But, what would I say? Hi, Camille, it's me, Stinger! You know, they guy who beat the crap out of you? Sure, I was ordered and couldn't resist, but how could she not hold a grudge? Did she even realize what I was trying to tell her? 

"Gah, this is crazy!" I yelled in frustration. I hated this ability! At first it was neat and made me excited to test it out more and more, but the hidden 'costs' Wiseacre had put in made it all bad! Bad, bad, bad! Granted, it made flirting with tomboy girls way easier, due to them seeing me as a tough guy, but still! Cam and the others were the only ones who put up with me. I couldn't lose them! 


I jumped in surprise when I realized that the trapeze artist that worked with Cam - Eli, I think his name was - was standing near my residence. Well, what could he want? "Yeah, you could say that, though it's normal when dealing with the ladies as much as I do." I gave a half-hearted laugh at my own words.

"Well, I understand that completely." He was being cold. That wasn't like Eli. True, I didn't know him well enough to even call him an acquaintance, but I knew he wasn't really considered to be cold, just a bit of a teaser. Did he know about Camille? She might have hoped Eli would come and confront me. Women did that sometimes...

"So..." I asked Eli slowly, gauging his ability to fight. Sure, I couldn't get hurt really, but there was more than one way to beat a man, and a good few ways to even take down Stinger. "I take it you want to beat me up or something?"

Eli sighed and shook his head. "I just want to know what the hell is going on."

Well, when given the chance... "I guess I can tell you what happened to me, if you want?" That was a nod. "It all started when I was thinking about this beautiful girl I just met. Her eyes were the first thing I noticed; crystal blue with a naughty twinkle in-"


Not even interested in.. Um... what was her name? Dammit! Anyway. "Ok, ok. I'll remove all the girls from this, since you're not interested in them." Eli seemed not to like that. Oh well, he said it, not me. "Basically, the Admiral has been getting mad at me for rebelling so much lately, so he operated on my body and made me invincible." There was a look of 'of course that's what happened' on Eli's face accompanied by sarcasm. "While he was in there,he put some sort of mind control device in me that makes me obey any order from him. So, I am pretty much made a better act and more responsible in one go. Typical Wiseacre, really."

"And you expect me to believe that?"

No. Yes. Maybe. Gah, I didn't know. That even sounded crazy to me! I might as well prove it, then. I pushed my dark hair back and sighed before taking out a pocket knife. Eli looked a little alarmed, but didn't move. "Watch as the great Stinger takes the pain of a single cut! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you may even wish to cheer!" I said that as blandly and boring as I could before slicing my arm open.

"What the..."


When I cut across, my skin had stitched back together behind the blade, so it looked like a vanishing blade act. It tickled a little, but ultimately wasn't bad at all. Was I really living right now, or was this a long and real dream? 

"Are you pulling a prank, Lucas?"

Gah, again with the name! "It's Stinger, my friend, and though I do play pranks and joke, I am not doing so this time." 

"So, you really did that to Cam under.."

I nodded. "Yeah... Though she probably hates me right now." I walked off, not waiting for a retort from Eli. For a guy, he had some pretty eyes. Too bad any of the girls I knew didn't have eyes like that. It would make the game that much better to win. But, I didn't want a girl right now. I just wanted to be-


-alone. Dammit!

This time it was Sandra, looking as serious as ever. "What do you want, San? And I thought you didn't know who I was?"

She ignored that comment, of course. "I have orders from the Admiral."

Was I destined to never be alone today!? "What does his Majesty want?"

Sandra glared at me. "You won't address the Admiral like that, Stinger. Anyway, you are to go see where Camille St. Croix has been and use concern for her as a guise. It will be smoother like that." 

And with that, she was gone. Man, if only she wasn't so stuck on old Wiseacre... Well, I was ordered to do something, so I have to-

I didn't move. What the..? Usually, when I was given an order, I would set out against my will to complete my objective, or whatever the term for mind control tasks are. This time, I didn't feel obligated to do anything. Why? What was it that made me follow orders? Surely the button was being pressed while Sandra asked me, or else Wiseacre would even attempt to order me like this. 

Voice! It was Wiseacre's voice! It made sense! The last few orders were from Wiseacre himself, so I had no choice, but if I heard the message through a third party.. 

A plan formed in my mind as I walked toward's Camille's living area. I could beat this control and focus on women once more! Ah, such a great feeling!

The End

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