Camille: Handling Things

Everything hurt. I was a mess. My lower lip was split bad and I could feel warm blood spilling down onto my face.

As soon as I got up, Stinger was in for a world of pain. 

"Miss St. Croix, are you quite alright?"

My eyes moved from the empty black sky to Boltake, who was standing and looking down at me worriedly with a nasty bruise forming at his jawline.

"I'll survive." I muttered, or tried to at least, and held out a hand for him to pull me up with.

Gabriel was checking me for broken bones instantly, methodical and swift. 

A second later Stinger's words came back into my fuzzy brain. The others. 

I was running as soon as I made the connection, even though pain was shooting through me after every step and Boltake sighed audibly behind me before doing the same. 

"You're in no condition to stop Wiseacre's product!" he called, before running in front of me to cut me off.

"Get the hell out of my way." I growled, shoving past him, and ran toward the Fabulous Fox.

The lights were dim and flickering. I momentarily broke my stride out of surprise but continued, reaching the doors and yanking them with all my strength.


"Miss St. Croix, I hate to be a bother, but it would be most advisable to leave this establishment as soon as possible."

"I can't!" I yelled at Boltake without turning around, madly pulling at the handles, "I have to find them!"

"Who, Miss St. Croix?" he asked calmly. 

"My friends." I shot back, too breathless to explain. 

"If you don't speed up your search some security is bound to search for you."

I took a deep breath and moved back, blinking. I had probably been out cold for a while. Everyone was long gone. 

"You're right. I'm not going to find anything at this rate."


"So I have to go back to the circus and find the 'button'."

Gabriel looked at me incredulously.

"You do realize you would be walking into a death trap."

"Of course I do." I asserted, walking toward the curb and using the wall as support. 

Boltake sighed again.

"It seems you leave me no choice."

A needle plunged into my upper arm and before I could react my legs buckled under me and I fell into a heap on the pavement. 

Gabriel knelt in front of my body and snapped his fingers, and a limo sped into sight behind him. He looked at me as my world went black, smirking lopsidedly.

"I can't have my champion returning to enemy lines like this, now can I?"

The End

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