Stinger: Holes in the Orders

Camille had just finished talking with that man. I had to be quick. I was Stinger, the stuntman, and I was used to quick performances. Yes, that's all this was; a performance. Camille was my supporting act while I played the main part. The poor guy next to her would be alright, but he would have to suffer. 

After all, I had to kill Camille.

I acted quick and without hesitation. First came the man, whoever he was. I didn't totally regret my fist connecting with his jaw and knocking him out. These girls were with me. It was my right to take them out of this place. 

"Stinger! What are you-"

Camille's words were cut off as I punched her in the abdomen and sent her startled figure to the sidewalk, just near the back alley beside the Fabulous Fox. It was mainly for placing the garbage, so none of the high-class people would dare step foot back here. It also connected to another pub's property, so it made a perfect getaway place. 

Before Camille could get up, I rushed and kicked her into the alley and out of sight. We could be alone there. I could deal with her there. 


Ten minutes earlier.

"You ladies want to show me to your booth?" I asked two gorgeous women as they started to leave. "I know the auctions over, but I could give you each some rich company."

Both of them simply ignored me, like the rest. Was it the clothes? I told Camille I looked like a wannabe rich kid with my hair and stature, but no~. I sighed. Picking up rich chicks was way harder than regular ones. Maybe because looks didn't mean a damn. 


I turned to see Myah and the others - with the odd exception of Camille - walking toward the exit. "Oh, hello there, ladies," I said to them with a bow, "But I was wondering if you would like some company for the long night ahead?"

Myah seemed to ignore my attempts and instead looked around. Great, they KNEW I was flirting and chose to ignore it. At least think about my pride, ladies! "Where's Camille?"

I looked around to try to see if I could find our little lady acrobat. Sadly, I didn't see anyone that even looked like an acrobat, let alone ours. "I'll find her and head back. Head on, alright?"

"Wow, Luke," Nyx said with a half-smile, "That's actually a very smart and adult thing coming from you. Are you turning over a new leaf?"

I smiled right back, making sure to look smug. "Well, being alone with Cam... Let's just say that magic has happened before." With that, I gave them a wink and headed back towards the main room. If I could find Cam, then we could get out of here and I could sleep. Despite this new 'body,' I still got tired like everyone else. It-

"Why, Stinger, what are you doing here?"

Oh. Shit. 

I turned gracefully to face Admiral Wiseacre, who was dressed rather slim, contrary to his usual looks. "Hello, sir, I was just on my way to see you. You see-" My mouth stopped working the instant the Admiral pressed his left coat pocket. So, that's how he did it...

The Admiral turned to someone beside him - a tall black man in a very nice suit - and smiled. "This is my latest invention. A nearly invincible man. Why, if he had the personality of a soldier, he would be perfect! Wouldn't you say, General?"

The man, whim I know knew to be a general of some sort - maybe even the owner of a general store - seemed to smile at that. "Well, I saw the video already, so you don't need to convince me anymore, Wiseacre. Does the control device work?"

The Admiral laughed. "Of course." He turned to me, making me nearly want to punch him. Only... I couldn't. Couldn't even move! Darn... why me? "Are there others from your group on the property, Stinger?"

I nodded, though not of my own accord. 

"Kill them."


Camille cried out as I kicked her again, this time knocking her further into the back alley. Yes, just a few more hits would do...

"Stinger.... You.... bastard!"

Camille tried to stand and swing at me, but it wasn't even a threat. My first hit had served to rattle her brain and cause the thinking and reaction process to be impaired. I was also invulnerable, for the most part, so there was no chance. The Admiral's 'Control Device' worked perfectly. Why, I couldn't even feel bad for what I was doing! Imagine that...

I punched Camille in the gut, sending her further back into the alley. From how she was... Yes, one more shove outta do it. I grabbed the collar of her now dirty clothing and pulled her to her feet. She flinched as I brought my fist back, which was an amazing feat considering her condition, but it was useless. 

My mouth met her ears, then. This was all I could do. 

"The Admiral has a button in his left coat pocket. It is what forces my hand." I didn't give her a chance to speak. "I was told to kill anyone I came with who was still here. I can not disobey." I dropped Camille. "You, however, are no longer on the property of the Fabulous Fox."

I turned and left Camille sitting there. It was odd, really. I had just beaten one of the few people I could talk to and I didn't even feel bad. Was it because I knew I was simply saving her life? Or was it because I truly did not care? 

Ahhh, damnit! I needed to find a good girl to make me forget all this!

The End

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