Camille: Record

Ever since the troupe had left New Orleans things just kept getting weirder. 

I still wasn't quite sure what on Earth was up with Stinger and Wiseacre floated around with even more smugness on his creepy face than usual.

"What's this meeting about?" Lisette yawned, snuggling deeper into her grey hoodie.

"A lot," I replied, probably the most alert of the four of us, "And it starts with what Myah saw happening to Stinger."

She looked up at the mention of her name but only rubbed her eyes with fatigue, looking as dismal as she had been the past few days. 

"There's a reason I didn't call him here," I started again, clearing my throat as the three seemed to stare through me, "And there's a reason we're here at three AM."

Nix ran a hand through her shock of blue and white hair with little vigour. 

"Quit beating around the bush, Camille. This is interrupting my beauty sleep."

"It smells here." Lisette added, scrunching up her nose.

Boca seemed to shuffle in her pen in reply and I sighed.

"We have to figure out what's going on. The animals are less likely to repeat our conversation than our fellow circus performers are, anyways. Until we know exactly what happened, we can't trust Stinger. For his own good."

Myah wistfully tugged at a handkerchief in her sleeve, pulling out an impossibly long train of cloth with an unchanged expression.

"You couldn't have called this meeting just to tell us that."

"Fine," I started, "I want us to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible."

I paused for dramatic effect and was met with more tiredness.

"Lisette, find out everything you can about Wiseacre's activity from Sandra."

She nodded but I wasn't sure whether or not she was awake.

"Nix, you dig deeper into what happened with Jackson Lee."

Nixie cringed at the name but didn't move to disagree.

"And Myah, you keep an eye on Stinger."

Her handkerchief finally came to an end and she let out a noise of understanding, after which I promptly announced the meeting over and headed towards the exit. 

"Wait, what are you going to do?" one of them called, finally alerted to my movement.

"I'm going to the doctor's." I grinned, pulling my leather jacket close as I walked.


Who knew that doctors were so light on their feet?

I dodged another grab at my throat and elbowed in the general direction of the pristine white lab coat, being met with a satisfying yelp of pain.

It was the chance I needed. I whirled around and kicked his feet from under him, using the same pin I had used on Bruno a few days ago but with much less mercy. 

"Why are you attacking me?" I demanded, teeth gritted.

"You're trying to access confidential information ma'am." he replied, voice rising in pitch.

My foot pushed his face into the tiles soon afterwards.

"I assure you, I only wandered into here by accident. Do I have to repeat my question?"

" I...thought you were a burglar." his voice came, muffled. 

"And what would I be stealing, exactly?"

"That's confidential."

This was not getting anywhere.

"What's my name?" I asked suddenly, putting him on the spot.

"Um, uh..."

"What. Is. My. Name?!"

"I don't know." he sobbed, giving up in his attempts to struggle from my grasp.

I'd never thought I would think it, but the wig Myah had found way back was totally coming in handy. That and an intensively tight scarf I was wearing. The accent I put on helped too.

"Good." I muttered and, throwing his arm down in disgust, made my way towards the door.

He lunged at me from behind moments later and I slammed my fist into his throat, letting him crumple to the floor as I sped up in my retreat. 

It seemed that in the last few days I had started to pick up more and more skills. 

The troupe's physician would be fine. A little out of breath, woozy, but fine. In trouble with Wiseacre though, most likely, seeing as I had, in fact, stolen something.

The folder in my jacket was surprisingly light, but I had been much too occupied with nicking it to look inside. I glanced around, popped into a tent and examined the front, making sure that it was indeed Stinger's medical record I had grabbed, and flipped it open.

My eyes were met with blank pages. 

The End

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