Stinger: Flight and Mental Instability

Well.... After a black-out night Stinger didn't remember and a somewhat odd dream, Stinger the amazing stuntman was taken and made into an invincible monster! Oh boy! But.... Why did he listen to the Admiral..?

"Stinger, go get ready for your act," the Admiral ordered.

As if reacting to some instinctual need, Stinger promptly replied, "Yes, Admiral," and ran off like a good little suck-up. What the hell? He ran for the main tent where his canon was probably being prepared like a freaking champ! Seriously, Stinger's body was full of energy and he doubted he would ever get tired. What happened over night!?

"Ahh, Stinger!" Fred said as Stinger got to the back entrance of the main tent. His face was construed in a cruel smile. Bastard. "The Admiral said to-" The large man cut off as a fist slammed into his stomach. Luckily, no one was around, though it wouldn't have mattered. It only took a little while for Stinger to actually figure out what was going on. 

"Sorry, Fred," Stinger said with a childish smile, "Not used to all this like you are." The brute didn't reply, but just lay there clutching his stomach. Well, so much for being enhanced to a greater degree. Stinger had thought he was one of the Admiral's targets, but... 

It was still hard to believe, but Stinger had come to the terms with the truth earlier that morning. The rumors off people changing them disappearing, some strange sciency guy following the Admiral, and the sabotage that the girls were investigating. He still wasn't too sure, but his own abilities uncovered most of what was the truth. But... Why not abuse this power?

Stinger ran in the tent, suddenly full of fun ideas. Just think! The girls who would kill for an invincible man! The stunts he could pull off! He might even become more famous than Nyx's lions or Camille's flying stuff! Oooooh, time for him to milk the hell outta this!

It only took moments to set up the canon, but there was still the test run to do. Usually, the helpers stuck in a dummy and used that, but why let this new invincible body of Stinger's go to waste? 

"Jean!" Stinger shouted, spotting the circus helper setting up the gunpowder, "Put in triple the amount! Admiral's orders!"

The brown-haired girl gave him an odd look, but did as she was told. Hehe, perfect! Next came the dummy. Stinger looked around for it. Who would be placing it in? They would have the button for the canon to fire. There! A pretty blonde that Stinger was quite sure he had asked out before. 

"Hey!!!" Stinger called as he ran over and intercepted her walk to the canon, "Let me do that, OK?" She seemed agitated but thankfully just handed the device and dummy over. Too perfect! This was going to be fun! 

Stinger ran over to climb up the ladder and to the top of the canon. Now... He threw the dummy down, making a few helpers call out in an attempt to figure out what was going on. Ignore em, though. They would find out soon! The device had a lag feature for when the Admiral wanted to make a better show. Downfall of a canon was it only had one act. Anyway.

"Stay back," Stinger called, hitting the button after setting the lag to five seconds.

Five. Stinger jumped into the canon tube and prepared.

Four. It occurred to Stinger, having just regular clothes and not the proper gear, that he might have a few screws loose.

Three. Was it going to hurt? Sure, he would heal, but pain wasn't fun.

Two. Wait... what if this was a temporary power and it was gone now?!

One. Oh damn.

An ear-shattering blast made Stinger deaf as he was shot out of the canon and into the bright sky. It took him quite a few moments to regain his hearing - as well as his other four senses that had also seemed to mess up - but once he did, he examined his body. Oh....

Along his naked torso - the shirt he was wearing gone in the blast - were massive burns and cuts, though they only took moments to give away to fresh skin. Hmmm. This was interesting. It also seemed like his pants, thank God, were mostly intact. His feet were still healing, but Stinger couldn't feel it. Was it just shock, or the feeling of flying out into the atmosphere still. 


Stinger panicked as he looked at the ground, now infinitely smaller than even when he had been shot out of that other circus' tent. He didn't even have a net set up!! Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! Not good! Stinger slowed after a moment and started to fall. No, no, no! This was not well-thought out! How could Stinger heal when he was a pile of... um... meat!

The ground got closer. Then closer. Well... It HAD been a fun flight, even if he had been mostly distracted by his healing ability and toughness. Well... The ground was nearly here. Maybe Stinger should try calling out something? 

Wait! This was a time to panic, right? What was wrong with Stinger?! He couldn't even think right any-


'Well, that certainly hurt.' 

Stinger sat up. Ground? He was shaky, but Stinger managed to look at his surroundings. People were rushing to see if he was OK and others stayed back. Well, then... Guess survival wasn't impossible. Maybe he would just get off being hospitalized since he most likely probably paralyzed his waist down. It was then that Stinger saw his own body.

It was flawless.

The End

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