Stinger: A New Act

"Yo, Camille!"

And for the second time this day, Stinger was ignored as Camille pretended to be called by someone else and hurried along. What the heck? Did she have a new boyfriend and felt ashamed that Stinger was more attractive? Well, no, that wasn't right. Camille was the type of girl Stinger wouldn't really see as ashamed of anything. For her to be acting this way.. Something major had to have happened.

BUT, the only way to confirm that was to talk to her and find out. Unless Myah knew? 

Stinger quickly found his way to her cart. Since the Circus was stopped for the night, everyone would be in their own wagons. Shouldn't be hard to corner Myah and get her to spill the beans on why Camille was acting all strange and junk. This was just-

"Stinger, old boy!"

Stinger nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of the Admiral's voice. Oh dear, what did dear old Admiral Wiseacre want on this lovely night?

"Dear Admiral," Stinger replied behind a fake smile as he turned to face the large man, "What can this lowly, yet handsome, stuntman do for you tonight?"

Wiseacre laughed, and he actually sounded like he really was laughing. "Well, I need your help, Stinger," Wiseacre said, a serious tone coming into his voice. What could this be? "It seems we have some problems with your next act. I want to use you as the opening act to really catch their attention, but you know how to hook better than me."

Well, he DID have a point. And Stinger knew that Wiseacre really cared for the show he put on.... Hmmm. Well Stinger could at least help the man out this much. "OK, Admiral," Stinger said, smiling and walking toward the large man, "Let's see what you have planned so far."

With that, the two of them walked toward the Admiral's 'wagon.' Unlike the others, it was massive and bulky. As well as an office, the Admiral used the space to repair circus equipment, or at least, Stinger had been told. He hadn't really been inside except when he had first been picked up as a child.

When they got to the door, the Admiral stopped and turned to Stinger. "Now, I had the idea to shoot you about seven miles into the air with fireworks attached. You know, give a flashy entrance and a grand way to open the Circus."

Stinger laughed nervously. "Um... Admiral, how would the nets catch me if I fell from that high? I am no super-genius, but I'm sure they would break. I am amazing and strong and all... but..."

Admiral Wiseacre was smiling then. A smile that sent shivers down Stingers spine. He tried to back away, but two sets of arms grabbed Stingers own arms. Well, damn... Maybe this was Wiseacre getting back in a way that would make him some money...

"Why Stinger," the Admiral said, his teeth shining from his wide smile, "Don't you worry about a thing. I am going to make you invincible." 

Well, then... Stinger wasn't sure what to make of that one.

The End

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