Myah: Bad Juju

It was time to go. The Admiral was overseeing the workers as the tent came down, was loaded into the semis and lugged away toward the train. It was time to leave New Orleans, finally. I was grateful, this town was bad juju. I absentmindedly shuffled a deck of cards as I watched the proceedings, trying not to think about the murders I'd witnessed, and practically caused. A gun... what was I thinking? I vowed as I shuffled, to never hold anyone at gunpoint again, not like that. Guns were not my style. My style was misdirection.

What could cause Lee to shoot himself though? What could cause such a young man, with his entire career ahead of him, despite his being a steriods junkie, to simply commit suicide, like it was the best option. What could cause him to nearly kill his fellow circus member? I knew a thing or two about circus's, and the biggest thing was that a circus troupe is supposed to be like a family. But here, at Wiseacre's, fear hung like the stench of burnt rubber in the air... Or maybe, that was just the stench of burnt rubber. But this circus was divided, that much was for certain. I only wish I knew Wiseacre's motive.

I drew a card out of my deck without looking and when I glanced at it, it was the ace of spades. Everyone's favorite card. A lucky card. I slid it back in and shuffled again, when a group of largely muscled workers brushed past me. A small slip of paper fluttered out of the dumpster they were pushing, and when they were gone, I stooped to pick it up. It was a flyer, designed like a Victorian circus poster, with an ink drawing of Wiseacre's big top, upside down on it. Above the upside down drawing, were the words "See you on the flip side" and beneath it, "Sunset to 2 am, special night shows." It was an odd poster, especially because the circus closed before sunset each night. Very odd.

I hopped onto the last semi leaving the venue yard, and rode back to the train. I didn't see Nixie or Camille anywhere, and I guessed they were laying low, keeping their heads down. Then I spotted Lisette outside her car, tossing a few unlit torches around, practicing I guessed. She'd worked for the circus for a while, and now she knew what happened with Merriweather's, so she qualified as a person to talk to.

"Hey Lisette, do you know anything about this?" I strode up, holding up the poster.

"I dont think so." She replied, stopping her act to look at the paper. "See you on the flip side... What's that even mean?"

"The main show is during the day, so I dont know what these hours mean." I said, pointing to the words on the bottom of the page. "Do you think Wiseacre is up to something?"

"I-I dont know." Lisette said, visibly nervous, shifting her grip on the torches, one of the flames coming off them caught the corner of the paper, and I quickly dropped it, watching it burn into ashes at our feet.

"Well, there goes that bit of evidence." I laughed, kind of amazed I still could laugh after all that had happened. "Well, I'd better get back to my car, the train's gonna be leaving soon."

"Alright." I headed to my painted car, and had my foot on the step, when I looked back at Lisette, juggling her fire with practiced ease, and no fear at all. But, hadn't those torches been unlit?

The End

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