Lisette: Left

Myah and Camille got back to the train muddy and exhausted. I ran up to them, confused.
"What's the matter with you guys? What happened to you?" I have to admit I felt left out, being ditched didn't suit me well. Not to mention Eli had also dissapeared right after his practice with Camille. And I hadn't seen him since the performance the night before.

The train was silent as I followed the girls to the boarding cars. I didn't want to go back to my room just yet, everything was just too quiet. As Camille sat on her bed, Myah went to wash the mud off of her face and clothing.

"What happened to you?" I asked again. Both of their faces were stony. There was something going on here that I didn't understand. Something I had missed. Maybe something I had been missing. I realized suddenly that mud wasn't the only thing being rinsed out of the cloth myah was using to wash her face. Something I didn't want to think about, but something I had to confront.
"Is that blood?" I could hear my voice becoming higher pitched, somewhat hysterical. I needed to calm down, but something was wrong. Camille and Myah both refused to speak to me. I was going to slap one of them if I didn't get any answers.

I knocked the cloth out of Myahs hand and knocked the washbasin to the floor. Dirty water spilled around our shoes. I whipped the cloth at Camille.

"No more of this silent treatment you hear! Tell me what happened now."

And they did, in turns, mostly Camille spoke, Myah seemed in shock, and i understood why.

When the story was done I found myself seated in a corner, wringing the dirty cloth between my hands. It was no longer wet, but dry and crackling with the mud left on it. Swiftly, without a word, as the story was done, I stood Leaving the cloth and walking out of the car.

I stopped by my compartment to grab my torches and went to the ring. I needed to get some of my energy out. Lighting the torches with the matches I kept in my pocket I began singing them around. It was a dance.

With each spin and twirl the flame leapt from my hands as if pulled by magic. I rolled, I spun letting the flames pull me through the shock and the harshness of the life I was leading.

The dance was beauty. In the fire I had no thought, no memory, no knowledge of space or time. No worries about the people I loved or the people I didn't. I let the fire pull my rage and my sadness out of me. It pulled away my disappointment and my fears. In the end there was nothing but pure joy in the dance as I let the flames burn away everything else.

The flames burnt themselves out, and I was left spinning in the dark and silence of the tent. Alone.

This was the way it was meant to be.

The End

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