Camille: Box

Wiseacre looked angry. Really, really angry.

Rumor said that Boca the elephant had somehow, suddenly fallen ill.

That was my fault. Kaveh and Ensi had not yet been delivered by the people Myah had contacted and, with Nix's act slot fast approaching after that of the 'world's largest elephant', I had to create some kind of distraction.

What I'd mixed into Boca's feed wasn't going to harm her beyond a slight upset stomach anyways.

Our ringleader was totally and utterly glowering when he realized that the elephant about to head onstage was too busy dropping massive poops to perform and that he would have to overlook the program and get the fire-performers to do an 'encore' to take up Boca's slot and then move on to Nix's.

I hadn't meant for that bit, or thought of it, but the distraction itself had proved to eat up a considerable amount of time, seeing as Wisacre was too tied up in getting hold of a vet and stagehands to clear out the smelly piles everywhere to notice the truck pulling up outside the tent.

But I did.

Still in costume and make-up because of how hectic the entire plan was, I slipped out and got around to helping the others make the switch between the colourful box and the carriers with Wiseacre's lions, putting the very heavy Kaveh and Ensi onto a trolley type thing. 

And then we started dragging the now-wheeled box into the tent through the side fire escape so as to avoid being seen, eventually emerging in the shadows beside the stage.

The fire act were now totally finished and clearly exhausted, so much so that even Wiseacre wouldn't decide to call another 'encore'. I watched as Myah trotted up to him where he was, muttering something into his ear and getting a sharp nod in reply.

Wiseacre strolled onto the stage with a broad smile, acknowledging the applause for the act and waiting for the audience to quiet.

"And now, audience, our circus has a very special surprise for you! Please give a hand to our final act of the day, illusionist and magician extraordinaire! Prepare to be amazed!"

Myah walked into the sawdust circle, beaming with practiced showmanship. 

She went on to show trick after trick with props that seemed to appear out of nowhere, my mind wandering the entire time.

How could she have convinced Wiseacre to let her on so easily? Sure there was an empty slot because the lions had gone missing (or on a truck to Africa) but he was a man of caution. This improvise, with an act who was onstage in our circus for the first time, likely with no rehearsals whatsoever?

Near impossible that he would agree to that. Myah probably knew her way around words as well as Wiseacre did. 

Then, in that case, she was probably very, very dangerous. But on our side for now, at least. And much nicer than Sandra's apparent partner.

Myah suddenly pointed to her left, and yanked the cloth off of the box. I had no idea how it got there, but I was too fascinated with what she was doing to think about it.

"For my final trick, I will procure from this empty box two ferocious lions!"

Empty? What the-

She lifted the lid and I craned my neck to peek in, only to realize she was right. The lid went back on and Myah muttered some unrecognizable words, probably for added drama, and pulled it off again, pushing the little pedal on the side of the box that made the walls of it fall down, to reveal the two sleek lions inside.

The audience roared and Nix was crying out of joy beside me.

I could do nothing but clap.


The End

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