Lisette: Extended Performance

I waited excited in the wings as act after act performed, each time getting closer to the time when I could go out and do what I did best. I started to bounce on my toes, feeling the tight costume I was wearing stretch with each movement. The light bounced off the heavily sequined garment, throwing sparkles onto the tent walls. As if the fire wasn't sparkly enough we had to be dressed as human firecrackers ourselves. Not that I minded, I felt free in my glitter, as if I could blast right out of the tent like a rocket and fly around the world if I chose. I bounced more, thinking that if I could use catch it at the right moment I would float right off the ground. 

A hand landed heavily on my shoulder, I looked back. It was Alejandro, a large boy with golden hair and too dark eyes. He was one of the other fire breathers, there were six of us total, three female, three male, for the acrobatics. 

"You're going to lose all of your energy, calm it down would ya?" He said gruffly. Alejandro was not my biggest fan. I gave him my most charming grin. 

"But don't you see Alejandro, I have so much energy, I cannot possibly burn it all off before the fire gets started!" 

Just then, our theme song started up and the bright lights in the ring dimmed to a deep dark red. We ran out, doing our best to behave like devils and demons. I did a couple of flips and handsprings, just to let off some steam. I felt lighter than a spark taken on the wind. The dark light made our red costumes stand out black against the lighter dirt on the floor. We all struck out poses, when the music hit another note. 

Alejandro, Bruno and Roberto, the males in the group all had torches on chains, this was their cue to light 'em up. They did, and golden, flickering light played off of their faces as they spun the torches around and around. Another note hit in the music and us girls, me, Aina and Emilie, jumped straight up in the air, hands out to grab out own torches, they lit just as we touched back to earth, seeming to the audience that fire sprung directly from our hands. With a blast of air and a gasp from the audience, the music reached an all time high and torches lit around the ring. 

We began to leap about like fire demons, throwing fire at each other, blowing great streams of it from our mouths, flipping over and under each other, torches spinning. The fire seemed to take on a life on its own, spinning and playing from torch to torch. I spun to the forefront of the group in time to the music and just as it ended, blew a stream of fire into the air above my head, lighting a huge ring that would be used in the next act, Nixie and her lions. Except....

The Admiral strode to the center of the ring, raising his arms to the applause that was really for us, as we scampered back to our hiding place.

"I regret to say our next act, the lion act, has been postponed this evening. Instead let us enjoy an encore from our fire dancers!" He clapped his hands and the audience followed, eager to see more of us, and that eagerness crowding out the disappointment that the lions wouldn't appear. 

We ran back to center ring, confusion passing between us for a moment, then after a few discreet signals from me, we all launch into another sequence. 

The End

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