Stinger: Showing the Talent

Stinger watched the sad performance of this Merriweather with enjoyment. It wasn't that he enjoyed the man's show falling apart, but he was glad to see anything other than the continuous repetition of the Admiral's performers. Nyxie and her lions were great, but he never felt a thrill anymore knowing the lions were as tame as kittens. Camille's acts were amazing, but there was little to improve on and Eli was NOT a good looking trapeze. Then again, no man except for Stinger himself looked good to Stinger. 

The next act was a human cannonball. The man was going to be shot directly into the sky and a net would be placed to catch him. Interesting, really. Stinger himself had only been launched into nets, never directly in the air though. It would be interesting to see this.

Well, if the man ever showed. 

The Merriweather fellow appeared on stage, then, looking flustered. He tapped the mic twice and placed it near his mouth. Oh God no... Not the Stuntman! That was Stinger's favorite act! It was HIS act!

"We are sorry, ladies and gentleman, but our Human Cannonball has fallen ill. We have a new act in his stead, but it will take a few moments to remove our canon. Please remain seated as we set up something that will blow your minds away! Please, just be patient!"

It wasn't working. The trapeze had started a trend and the others in the audience were falling victim and leaving. Stinger couldn't blame them, but he also didn't want the show to end. What to do... 

Then it struck him. 

Stinger stood up, removing his coat and shirt and used the long sleeve undershirt to cover his face. Camille rolled her eyes, but Nyxie and Myah seemed impressed. Maybe it was the dozens of scars, maybe it was his well built  from years as a stuntman. He didn't know, and didn't care at that moment. 

"If you will excuse me, ladies," Stinger said, passing by them and getting the attention of some leaving fans. 

"Lucas!" Nyx called, "What are you doing!?"

Stinger winked at her. "Just be patient and you will see," he said, making his way through the crowd and growing further away. "And call me Stinger!"

It took a while, more than Stinger would have liked, but he managed to weave through the leaving people and even causing a few to sit back down. Maybe they thought he was an act? In any case, this was working. He should walk around shirtless more often. 

Stinger made it to the bottom and jumped into the ring, surprising the stagehands preparing to move the canon and Merriweather. "Hello!" Stinger called, waving.  The man walked over, his face furious. Was he mad at little ol' Stinger? Oh dear... 

"What are you doing? My show is going bad enough without some crazy man marching up and..." 

Stinger ignored the man's frantic whispers and snatched the mic from his hands. "Ladies and gentlemen! I am sorry to inform you that you will not be witnessing a mediocre stuntman! Instead, I will be your human cannonball and show you what real terror and fun is like!" Stinger finished with a bow. The crowds, thankfully, acted just as planned and moved back to sit. Well, most of them. Stinger tossed the mic at Merriweather. "Thank me after I come back down and pack the cannon with more powder. I want to go as high as the stars!"

The man sputtered, but said nothing when he realized the crowd was being restored. He nervously wiped his brow and turned to his crowd. "Well, folks, it seems our other stuntman, the Masked Daredevil, has come out of hiding! He has told me to make him fly higher than the stars! Do you think we can do that, my beloved audience!?" 

Well, at least he was in a good mood. Stinger was slightly annoyed at the name, but hey, at least he got to fly today. The Admiral was a real stickler for money, so Stinger never got shot unless it was needed. 

Stinger climbed into the cannon while Merriweather continued on his rant about the history of the 'Masked Daredevil.' Most of the stuff was too odd to be true, but others Stinger liked. Especially the whole 'available' thing due to his fake dead girlfriend. That ensured at least a pity flirt! Stinger ignored the man, though, and prepared to be shot. 

It was an odd experience, but one he loved. Merriweather yelled for the crowd to count down with him. Stinger tensed. Five. The cannon was lit. Stinger's only clue was a hissing sound, though. Four. The crowd was getting excited. Three. Just above, Stinger could see the stagehands prepare to set the net for his landing. Two. Stinger was getting impatient! One!

Stinger felt a jolt, then he was flying straight up, the world growing smaller as he ascended. His mask nearly fell off from the air blowing by him as he flew. He cursed as he realized he wasn't slowing yet. Yes, he told the man to stuff as much gunpowder as possible, but he didn't expect to fly this long! The enjoyable part was falling, not rising. It was hard to see when flying, though it was fun. 

Stinger slowed to a stop, allowing him to look at the dark world around him illuminated by lights of the town. Wow... to think there were a lot of women down there who hadn't met him... Below the tent looked small, barely as large as his pinky. 

And then it started growing.

Now THIS was fun! Stinger twisted until his face was facing the ground. The top of the tent had been opened by mechanisms attached and operated on the roof. It was useful for this act really, but Stinger was preoccupied with thoughts of how useful a set of binoculars would be at this point. There were a lot of busty women below. 

The tent started getting bigger faster and the wind passed by faster as well. Stinger felt a tinge of fear, but let it pass as he saw the net being placed, if just barely. He knew what he would do tonight. Nyxie would be impressed and may even give him a peck. Camille might do the same, but he was just hoping for a hug at the least from her. Myah might give him her number, though! He had never gotten a number. Mainly because everyone knew him, but still! 

The net came closer and Stinger twisted to prepare for landing. It had been much better straight up then at an arc. With this, he could enjoy the view for a moment. Too bad it had to end. 

The net caught him, slowing Stinger faster than he expected. Now, he just waited for the stagehands to help him down and...

The net snapped. 

Stinger quickly grabbed a bit of it, swinging into the wall and managed to alter his trajectory to a flat are of the ground. He was still moving fast, so he knew that this roll was going to hurt but... Stinger let go and tucked into a roll as soon as his feet hit the ground. The grounds seemed to revolve around him, making his body ache more and more as he rolled, but stopped after just a few moments. 

Stinger slowly unrolled and stood, raising his arms in triumph. 

The crowd cheered, but Stinger realized Nyxie and Camille were horrified. Merriweather also seemed scared. Why were they making those faces. Then it hit him. Stinger reached up and touched his own face, now uncovered. On the ground near where he had started his roll was his messed up shirt. 

"Well," Stinger said in a joking voice to himself, "I am in trouble, huh?"

The End

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