Stinger: Paying for a Show

Stinger walked alone through the busy town. With two circuses and a few minor acts in town, people were out and about, drunk on the exciting atmosphere. Of course, it had other effects. With it just now hitting the edge of fall, the short skirts and low necklines were still abundant, and clothing vendors expanded further on that. He was in luck, as they would change to heavier clothing in a matter of a week or so. Why, Stinger was in Heaven almost! Not to mention the occasional performer that came across while still in their performing attire. Why, one of the fire-eaters - a girl named Sandra - still wore her two piece. The Admiral had her wear that initially to pull in more of the crowd, but she seemed to like wearing it about.

"San!" Stinger cried, running up to the fire-eater, "Hey wait up!"

Sandra turned, her abnormally bright red hair tossing like flames as she did. "Um... do I know you?"

Stinger laughed as he fell in beside her and matched her pace on impulse. "Come on, it's me, Stinger, your biggest fan!" 

She rolled her eyes and seemed to try looking ahead. It wasn't one of the usual I'm-trying-to-ignore you things, but a serious one that implied she was trying to find someone. "Look," she said offhandedly, "I have a lot of fans and I am sure you are the biggest, but can this wait? I am sort of busy."

"Well, someone is being a redhead," Stinger pouted annoying, pulling a ribbon from his jacket and wiping his face, "And literally in this case."

"Look -Stinger, is it - Can you just leave me alone before I-" Sandra stopped, looking about frantically. She seemed upset when she looked at Stinger, her eyes full of rage and maybe... Was that some fear? Odd.

"Well," Stinger said slowly, "I should be off, then!" With that, Stinger ran through the crowd to where the other circus was placed. This was the main street connecting the two arena's that housed the Admiral's circus and whatever other act that had dared challenge the Admiral, to it was a little hard to maneuver. OK, so a little was an understatement.

Luckily, Sandra did not follow. Well, in this crowd it wouldn't be hard to get groped. Actually, Stinger felt like someone grabbed his own ass through the nice suit he had stolen from the former magician's old things. Big mistake, touching a magicians wear. Sure, Stinger could only do a corny quarter trick, but this WAS still a magician's suit! 

Eventually, the crowd thinned and Stinger was able to pinpoint just why Sandra was looking around. How lucky! Why, right in front of Stinger, purchasing tickets to see some other circus, was Nyx the Lion Tamer, Camille the Scary Trapeze, and some other girl in a hoodie. She didn't seem like the babalicious type, but judging by the way the hoodie was fitting, she wasn't bad. Still, Nyx and Camille.... The only thing they had wrong was that attitude and that scar, respectively. Otherwise, 10 out of 10. Stinger giggled as he hurried to catch them, placing a quarter in his palm.

"Yo! Nyx, Camille, other girl, all of which are my best of buddies!" 

All three turned to look as Stinger approached. Whoa. The glare from Nyx was not called for! Nor was that suspicious look Camille sported. Looked like Stinger had been caught for stealing something again! As for the mystery girl, she was just curious. Naturally. Stinger started to tell two of the girls that they were too good for those looks and the other one just who he was, but Nyx stopped him. 

"What do YOU want?" she snapped, causing a few others in line to look their way. 

Stinger leaned in and swiped his hand by Nyx's ear, apparently pulling a quarter from it, and showed it to the girls. "Just was a quarter short and I know how your ears are full of em."

The other girl simply walked up and mimicked Stinger's movements, except pulling a twenty. "Why do you need a quarter when you already have so much?" she asked in an innocent way. How it was innocent, Stinger could not say, but it WAS innocent. Camille laughed at the girl's trick and Stinger swore he saw a crack of a smile on Nyx's face. 

"Well, well, aren't you impressive," Stinger said, bowing and taking the girls hand. "Do I get a name to which I can address my compliments, or am I to remain in the dark?"

The girl blushed slightly, but replied. "Myah. Who are you?"

Camille answered that for Myah by pushing Stinger back. "This is Stinger, our stuntman and a very big flirt. Though he is harmless, it's best to ignore him, Myah." Stinger opened his mouth and gave a 'why' expression with his arms. Camille just looked at him flatly. "Am I lying?"

Stinger tsked and tapped his foot. "Well, no, but still... you don't have to ruin the sport."

Myah's expression grew darker, if just faintly. "You pick up women for sport?"

Stinger laughed loudly, again drawing the nearby attention of the waiting people. "Why, no. I simply love to make the ladies feel good with my words. I don't do any dirty things like those other guys, so just relax." Stinger stepped forward, getting just ahead of the three girls in line, and up to the register for tickets. While they were talking, the line had been moving. Stinger had waited for this. See, he didn't want to wait in line and most people wouldn't get him for cutting if he seemed to be rejoining the line.

"Tickets are on me, ladies, so be gentle on the property. No swinging around or sicking lions on stuff, alright?" Both Camille and Nyx seemed to darken at the mention of lions, but Stinger ignored it. 

"I can pay for my own, you know," Nyx said, "I don't want to owe anything to you." Ouch. She was probably lashing out from the whole 'lions being sick' thing, so Stinger didn't take it to heart. 

"You already owe me,"Stinger replied, placing a ticket in Nyx's hands, "After all, Sandra the Fire-Eater and spy for the Admiral was tailing you three until I distracted her."

And with that, Stinger led the way into the other circus, feeling somewhat stupid at not getting it's name.

The End

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