Myah: Making Friends

This was good, I was in, I was making myself useful, I'd even snagged myself a practice window in the arena so I could work on my tricks in style. I'd gone back to my apartment and grabbed a few key props, all folded into a special suitcase-table I'd had made special after seeing a scene in some old movie using that particular prop. Portability is very important in the street performers line of work.

Now, I was trying to find out where I could get a costume. I couldn't very well perform in a baggy hoodie, could I? Wandering around the grounds, I saw a girl with a strange mane of blue and white hair, sitting off by herself, away from the bustle of the group. I didn't recognize her from the night before, but she was obviously part of the scene.

"Hey," I approached her. "You wouldn't happen to know where I could find someone to help me with a costume, would you?" It was then that I noticed that her face was streaked with water, and her eyes were a little puffy. "What's wrong?"

The girl looked up at me distrustfully. "Why do you care?" She snapped. I brushed it off, thinking that she prolly wasn't angry with me personally.

"I'm Myah, and I just joined your circus troop yesterday. I'm a magician." I produced a colorful scarf from my sleeve and waved it around, before tucking it away again

"Nixie Stark, l-lion tamer." Her voice shook slightly, but she didn't offer any more information, nor seemed to take any pride in her profession.

"I didn't see you during the show last night." I tried.

"My lions were...sick." Nixie said. "They couldn't perform. What did you want again?"


"Who are you?" Another voice came up behind us, and I turned to see another girl, with pale skin and dark hair approaching.

I smiled my best smile. "I'm Myah." I said cheerfully. "New magic act." I stuck out my hand for her to shake. She shook it firmly.

"Camille, Flying Trapeze." Then she turned to Nixie. "You ready to go?"

"Go where?" I asked, curious. Camille flashed a torn flyer.

"Another circus is in town. We're going to go see the show."

"Can I come?" I asked, unable to keep my curiosity from getting the better of me. The other two exchanged a glance.

"Please," I begged, giving them the big eyes, "please please please please pleeeaaase!"

The End

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