Stinger: Living the Life

Stinger walked along the buses, enjoying the many people and attractions that were preparing. It was a glorious sight to Stinger, but he wanted something else this evening. What it was, he did not know, but he did want it to be fun! Maybe a lady to drink with? Nah, that wouldn't happen. None of the Admiral's workers would give Luke "Stinger" Jones the time of day if they were female. 


Stinger turned to see Orzo walking his way. "What is it I may help you with, oh strong one?"

Orzo snarled and glanced at the direction he came. "Boss wants you to help the others unpack," the large man said, the frown on his face making Luke relax. You see, if he had a smile then THAT was when you worried. It was just who Orzo was. 

Stinger saluted. "Yes, sir! Leave it to me, sir! I can do anything, sir! Why once, I wrestled three bears because they..." Orzo was already walking off. What a bummer. Stinger had wanted to tell the man more about his achievements. They were just that great! Oh well. Stinger sighed and walked over to where his own cannon was being unloaded. Being the stuntman, he was supposed to take the abuse of dangerous things, like cannons and fire. Well, rings of fire. He never got burned... well, almost never. Except maybe that one time...


A stagehand cursed once more as Stinger came out of his own mind. The owner of the voice was pretty enough. Blonde, shapely despite her working uniform, and those eyes that could give a challenge! Oh, mama, that was a good combination! Stinger hurried over and helped the woman pick up a box full of only God and the Admiral knew what. 

"So, you come here often?" Stinger asked. 

The stagehand glared at him. "Enough to have had you use that line several times. Now shut up and put your back into it!"

Stinger sulked a little. "But if I put my pretty back into it, then wouldn't it make it harder to carry?" He pushed back his hair with his hand quickly and put it back under the box they were carrying. It was obvious that the blonde woman was ignoring him now. Why? He had very nice slick back black hair and a goatee that complimented it perfectly! DIdn't all women like a man with good hair? "Come on, baby, tell Stinger what's on your mind!"

The woman glared, but gave way and sighed. They put the box down near where the lion's tent was. The blonde worker pointed to the cages with covering, come of which looked tore. "The lions have been sent to the vets, Stinger. I am worried."

Stinger took his time to be confused. Why would that be worrisome? They could get more lions, right? "OK?"

"Look, Nyx did something to piss off the Admiral," she whispered furiously, "And now the lions are in the vets. The tamer herself came here and was unaware of this. She even seemed mad! The Admiral talked to her and she calmed down and left, but..."

"But?" Stinger asked, noting the blonde's own assets. 

She noticed. "Stop that! What I mean is something is up. Nyx isn't the type to give up like that." 

Stinger nodded. "I see." The Admiral was probably just mad. He usually seems calm, but running a Circus this day and age was tiresome. Not everyone wants to go anymore. Surely he just sent them to the vets for a check up and Nyx overreacted right? Well, oh well. More importantly... "So, are you available tonight? What's your name?"

The woman gritted her teeth. Well, this would end badly. "Firstly, my name is not for you to know, and for the thousandth time, I will not date you!" With that, the woman walked off, steam almost visibly rising from her form. 

Stinger ignored her and looked at the lion cages. Why WAS the Admiral acting like this? Maybe Stinger could get some answers before the next show started... 

But first he wanted candy! And some beer! Yes, the circus life was good!

The End

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