Chapters 9-16

Drug dealers, off set clock times, throwing school supplies into a canyon, discovering new secrets??? These chapters have it all, and I'm here to give you me opinion on the events taking place.

In Chapters 9-16, the biggest problem that Julia is introduced to, is that of seeing her father dance with and kiss the nieigbor Silvia, next door. This occurs quite often in today's world, but it is something new to Julia. She is forced to grow up in the tragic world, and in the middle of chaos. With every bad thing that occurs in her life, she blames it on the slowing. She deals with bullies, the loss of friends, new experiences, the distrust in a family member, and the worry and anxiety she faces day after day. Anyone, including myself could most likely easily relate to some of Julia's Middle School experiences. As she said in previous chapters, Middle School is the "Age of Miracles." 

When first reading the book, I felt that the father was a really strong and influencial figure in Julia's life. At the end of chapter 16, I decided that maybe he isnt as great of a person as we expected. Because people have been known to start taking bold chances at the beggining of the slowing, Julia wonders if maybe that is the reason for her fathers betrayal. I was surprised and slightly dissapointed when I had read that it was Joel who had been dancing and kissing Silvia. Not only will his actions affect Helen, but Julia as she grows up as well. I was hoping Julia would become extreamely salty toward her dad, as that's probably what I'd do in the situation. Like Julia, I'd be really upset aswell, at the fact that in secret he shows his love and affection to another woman. Its better to say to her face that you arent happy with her, instead of going and cheating without her knowledge. I just really think honesty is important, expecially if it is in a situation like this. 

Another big conflict they all face is that of the time. A majority of the world still lives off of clock time, even though the light/darkness environment isnt what they're used to. However, there are still those who go aginst clock time. Those people are seen as "abnormal," and they are discriminated aginst. Everyone is experiencing new changes due to the slowing, and a large majority of the characters stick with what they're used to, as the others go aginst it in hopes of "adapting".

Overall, these chapters were very interesting, and they kept my attention. I didnt want to stop reading the book, it was that good. I cant wait to continue reading it to see how Julia's life may change in many different ways.

The End

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