Dear Bum from Near the Dumpster

Dear Bum from Near the Dumpster,

First of all, it's so great that you've found employment!  Well done you!  Maybe, like, you can get an apartment soon, or a bunk in a hostel.  That'd be nice, huh?

Now on to something that matters; that is, my life.  My name's Randi (I'm a girl, that's why there's an 'i' on the end instead of a 'y') and I keep getting mistaken for a guy (like, a tranny, like a guy calling themselves a girl) when I write personal ads and send them in to newspapers and dating sites and stuff.  What I was thinking was, how about if I start calling myself something like "RandyMandy" so there's like a definite girl's name in there, and people can assume the "Randy" is, like, because I'm hypersexual.  Well not hypersexual.  Well maybe just a little.  I've picked out 3 names that I think would be good, so I just need your opinion.  Which of these names sounds least like a tranny:




(Because 'Mandy' is always spelled with a 'y' but the others would look male, with one.)

Thanks for your help, and I hope you like your new job.  If not, you should stick with it anyway.  It's better than being homeless, or taking money from people who DO have jobs.


The End

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