Dear Skinny Girl with Tattoos

Dear Skinny Girl With Tattoos,

I think you should go for it. There is such a thing called "destiny" in this world, and as embarassing a fiasco as that night seemed for both of you, you seem like you really got a chance to hit it off. Maybe, if you spend more time with him, you might actually develop an interest in him, just like he has in you. Shooting yourself in the foot would be a lot worse. Give the guy a chance. If he's been talking about you as long as you say he has, what's the harm in dating a little. Maybe you might start to blend in a little, and people won't be giving you weird looks anymore. I don't think you're weird. I've got a buddy who's got tattoos and is a little skinny too. Not super skinny, because he's been hitting the gym lately to pump up for his girl, but you're not alone. Look at those chicks that work at Hot Topic. They fit in. Anyway, about this guy, if you don't go for it, you might end up breaking his heart, and his friends might ostricize him or something. Trust me, guys don't like it when you bruise their ego. It's hard enough for them to admit they are a Virgin. You might want to avoid his friends though. They seem a little out there, and not in a good way. They might slip something in your drink one of these days.

No one is saying you gotta marry this guy that's crushing on you, but a few dates wouldn't hurt. If it doesn't work out, don't feel bad. There's plenty of us--I mean, guys out there that would be happy to have a skinny, tattooed girl like you. Just keep your head, no, really, keep your head up, guys like eye contact, even if some of them might be focused on...other parts of your anatomy. You get the idea. Good luck with the guy!


Anonymous Addvice Column Advice Giver

--P.S. Holding your pee was a valid reason to sit through the whole Transformers movie. And you're welcome.


The End

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