A.D.D Victim (3)

Another A.D.D journal! ENJOYYY! <3

I'm back! Who missed me!? Nobody...my self esteem just flew down the toilet! Wait a minute...things don't fly down the toilet! What was I thinking?? That's just crazy!! Omg! I hate nosy people! For all you nosy people out there i hope you know that we know that you don't know what we know! So stop pretending that you know ever though you don't! Cuz when you pretend to know what you know even though you don't know what you know, you're just lessening the value of knowing. And if you keep lessening the value of knowing then soon we're gonna have no know! And if we have no know then how are we supposed to know when no means no!!?? Do you know what I'm getting at?? No.. Exactly!!! I love confusing people! <3 It's fun! Omg I have this newfound obsession with cranberry juice! It;s beast. I'm water and you're glue! Let's now go thru this again! Great, u just ruined it! Hey Apple!!....knife! die! Please satnd by. Staring contest! I win! I am amazing! My trebuchet is a pice of..OKAY! I think that's enough for today! I'm Annie Otaigbe and I...Oh forget it! Later losers! :P

The End

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