A.D.D Victim (2)

Another A.D.D journal :D btw, this is my FAVORITE add journal

Hey people! Scissors! The sea of Monsters. A Dalmation!! Hey! I don't have A.D.D! My brain just works faster than others! I just wrote that "h" weird. Just forgot what I was talking about....What? What? OOO! Remember! Don't wanna talk about that anymore. My finger was green the other day! Suhweet! Fun Dip! Birds! So many birds! Awkward!! There was a song that helped me remember the presidents! But I forgot it. That sucks! My ring has the Union Jack on it! Beast. Texas is yellow! What? That's just crazy!!! I'm officially addicted to addiction! Is that possible? What I learned in boating school iiis!? Spongebob! Have you ever lost your train of thought in the middle of talking? Like.....wait what? Dude! I'm drenched in Vanilla Twilight! :) Love that song! Owl City rocks! What just happened? Do you know what just happened?? Of course you don't!! My bookmark has a flower on it! Wee! This is what happens when Annie writes an A.D.D Journal...Happy Birthday! The number 6 is staring at me! Wait whatt?? just spelt what wrong. How do you do that? Do what? Exactly! Animal ER! I went there for career day last year! What if I dyed my hair 18 different colors? Woot! I wanna see Avatar so bad! Ack! Wait what? Exactly. We like to party! No we don't! We rob banks! Who robs banks? We do! No we don't...I'm talking to myself! :) I'll transfer to no one! Huh? I'm water and your glue! Okay I need to stop talking I'm confusing myself. I'm Annie Otaigbe, and I approve this message. When did I even start doing that? Oh wellz! Later! Squirell!

The End

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