A.D.D Victim (1)

This is what happens when i write an "A.D.D" journal! ENJOY!

Hey! What's up!? On the board it says write a Thankful A.D.D. How could I be thankful for having ADD!? That doesn't make sense! LOL! Dude, I totally lost my train of though. Why does it have to be a train of thought? Why can't it be a taxi cab of thought? Or a spaceship of thought? Hmmmm......I wonder. I almost burnt my hair when I was straightening it this morning! This awesome song is stuck in my head. Jessica has Dasani Water on her desk. I don't like Dasani that much. I'm more of a PureLife person.  And what kind of name is Dasani?  Does it mean water in some unknown foreign language!? Dude! What are they hiding from us!? aaahhh!! NOW A DIFFERENT SONG IS STUCK IN MY HEAD! I NEED A THICKER JACKET...shopping! :) HAHA! MY HAND HURTS. OH WELL! THERE ARE 7 RED STATES ON THAT PAINTED MAP ON THE WALL!!! There are 4 people wearing North faces. Sawyer sits weird when he's reading. No offence! I like Shakera's boots! Christina is looking at the back of the room in a weird way...Okay, this is getting long. I'm Annie Otaigbe, and don't even ask, because I still approve this message!

The End

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