Accel World (Anime) Fan Fiction

This is the second fan fiction I've ever written; this one is about the anime Accel World.

I must have searched the shelves which I store my games on at least six times before realising there are no games to play; typical story of a VR gamer these days in the year 2046. The most popular piece of equipment these days which everybody has is called the Neuro Linker- a computer-like device which goes around your neck which can do many great things; more powerful than a computer too, and it can also run virtual reality games, which like I said, I have no good ones to play. Since today was Sunday, I didn’t want to waste the rest of the weekend. So I lay on my bed and quietly said, “Direct Link.”

Due to the power of the Neuro Linker, I inhabited the body of my online avatar and I found myself in a peaceful, virtual village filled with people like me, who just like to connect and hang out with their friends. I wandered the streets for about a half hour, greeting everybody that walked past before I came to a rest, but it was at that moment I was approached by a beautiful, young girl who looked to be about 16-17 years of age.

“Akira-kun?” she asked. “Oh, yes. Yes, that’s me.” She grinned at me and replied, “Meet me at lunch tomorrow on the roof of the school.” I had so many questions to ask her, but I couldn’t pick which one to ask, so before I had time to ask just one, she said, “Link Out.” Her avatar pixelated and disappeared. I stared at the ground before repeating, “Link Out.”

When I found myself back in my room and in my original state, I wondered why that girl decided to talk to me. Maybe this was just some practical joke? Since I’m not very popular in reality I’m always worried over the tiniest things, which is why I love to live in the world of games and anime by playing and watching a lot of them. Regardless of what I wondered, I went to her the next day anyway. There she was; sitting on her lonesome.

“Um, excuse me. I- I am Akira. We met last night.” “Yes, I could recognise you just on your appearance. I see you are thinking the same at the moment.” It was true actually. I was staring into her eyes as I was stunned to see how much more beautiful she is in reality; I quickly snapped out of it.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry. I’m not exactly used to—“

“Plug this into your Neuro Linker.” She handed me a cable. This was very sudden though; she was proposing to talk through cable using our minds, but that’s what lovers do! Although I didn’t completely object to the idea; I mean she is stunningly beautiful and everything, but I’m the lowest of the low. I took the cable and plugged in it- we were now communicating using our minds.

“I’m going to send you an application, just let it install. Okay?” She said. “Oh yeah, sure.” She was doing a lot of arm movements. She obviously had a lot of windows open on her Linker, but she finally sent me something. Without thinking, I hit install, ad after about ten seconds, the installation was done and I carefully read the words now in my eyesight.

“Welcome to the Accelerated World?” I asked. “Oh good, it worked. It doesn’t always work, and if that happens you never get another chance to try.” She looked like she was relaxing a bit as she slowly sipped her coffee; I finally broke the silence. “Senpai? What should we do now?”

“Senpai?” She asked. “Well I don’t actually know your name, and you’re about a year or two older than I, so it’s kind of a sense of respect. This is Japan after all.” She smiled sincerely. “I would tell you my name if I didn’t despise it. I’m sorry.” I told her not to worry, and I would continue to call her Senpai.

After taking another sip, she said, “Okay, Akira, repeat after me: Burst Link!”

“Burst Link!” I shouted aloud with her. Suddenly, our avatars popped out of our backs and the world became blue and everything halted entirely. “That’s a strange look for you by the way.” Said Senpai. “In real life, you’re not overly tall and you have moderately long blonde hair. And your avatar is—“

“The complete opposite- I know. Good looking, tall, long, dark hair. I made this character to be how I would love to appear.” Her avatar was basically the same as her real self, but something made her appear more alluring in reality. “Wait, Senpai! What the hell is going on here?” “That application I sent to your Linker is no ordinary application; it gives the user the ability to accelerate. Acceleration is what we just did. It speeds up your brain’s thought processor believe it or not. You can manipulate this power in a means to cheat in tests, or win at sports, or just succeed at anything else such as fights.”

I grinned weakly as I now have more power than I should. “However,” she interrupted, “there are things called Burst Points- every time you accelerate you spend one point. You start off with 100, so you should now have 99. Using your Neuro Linker’s screen, you can open up matchmaking, and by doing so, you’ll challenge another Burst Linker to a duel. The winner earns ten points while the loser loses ten points. And that is the only known way to earn Burst Points.”




I finally spoke, “So what you’re saying is, we fight so we can keep using this power?” “Precisely, Akira. This is exactly why I chose you; despite what others think, you’re a smart young man, and I just know you’ll love playing Brain Burst- the massive Multiplayer game.” I was impressed! I had just met the most popular girl of her grade, and the most beautiful girl I have ever met, and a great new multiplayer VR game along with the power to manipulate people and things to boot. “Now, as long as you’re connected to a network, other Burst Linkers on the same network will be able to challenge you to a duel which you cannot decline. I’ll teach you to fight tomorrow though, so it’s essential to disconnect before leaving school as there is bound to be many Burst Linkers outside of school.”

This was a lot of information to take in. She told me to say, “Burst Out”, and I once again repeated her. We were back to our original states in the real world. “So why did you decide to choose me? And what exactly is going on?” She looked down. “Okay, here’s the thing, Akira. I know you’re great at games, and I really want to turn your life around; you and I will become partners in this game.”

I smiled and started to tear up: the thought of a girl wanting to be friends with me like this was just amazing. We unplugged the cables, and she said, “We will talk tomorrow, first break again. Then after school tomorrow I think you will know everything you need to know, and you can participate in your very first battle.”





“Uh, Senpai. I had to ask.” “Yes?” She asked. “What happens if one lost all their Burst Points?” She walked up to me and held my shoulders, looked me in the eye and said, “Brain Burst will be uninstalled from your Linker and you can’t ever get it back. It also erases all of your memory.” I had a shocked look in my eyes. I couldn’t let this happen! Senpai is depending on me. I don’t know what it is, but I have this feeling about her; it’s also like I can’t let her down no matter what.

“I won’t let that happen to me! You’re talking to me because of this, and I won’t ever let you down; because if I do… I just couldn’t live with myself.”

“Thank you, Akira. We’ll talk next lunch too; but not about the game, instead let’s talk about each other and get to know each other better.”


Between then and the next time I saw her I desperately wanted to accelerate- just to try it out, you know? But I thought it would be best if I didn’t; not yet anyway. The whole way through class I was distracted, I was asking myself so many questions. Why did Senpai choose me over everyone else? What exactly is Brain Burst? Why did she want to speak to me? Of course I didn’t ask one of these questions the next lunch; instead we, like she wanted, spoke about each-other. However, after school she insisted I connect to the global-net, and she told me to accelerate: “Burst Link!”




“Why don’t you find us a match against two weaklings using the new icon to the left of your vision?” She asked. I searched the matching list for a while, then, “How about these guys? Two Level 1s.” She nodded, and so I challenged them; at that moment, something very strange happened: the world around us remained kind of the same- it was more… post-apocalyptic-looking. With a confused look on my face, Senpai said, “The battlegrounds are based off of the real world; just with different themes.”


I then took a look at myself: I was not my original, “cool guy” avatar- instead I was armoured or something; like I was a character in a regular game. My character was red, and so I apparently specialised in long-range; that was kind of obvious, as all of my attacks were long-range: Missile Fists was an attack where my hands literally detached and I fired a barrage of missiles, and I could create a long sword seemed to be created from aura or something. I really can’t put my finger on what it was exactly. I was given the name “Crimson Assassin” which I, myself thought was pretty corny. Senpai was different: she was black, like the clothes she wears most of the time. I didn’t really know any of her moves though, I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, a small, white avatar and a big green avatar came towards us- and I absent-mindedly sprinted towards the white one, and drawing my sword, I swung at him. Immediately he dodged it, “Look out!” shouted Senpai, and I barely escaped.




“You’re clearly a beginner, Assassin; everyone knows red-coloured avatars specialise in long-range!” “I’ll show him” I thought, and I tried out Missile Fists, and as I said, my hands detached and I fired an abundance of missiles at him, although only a few hit him, but he was stunned so I once again, pulled my sword out, sprinted towards him, but he threw what was like a smoke bomb, and it the confusion, he managed to overcome me; it seems he was using his fists, but it still hurt.

I looked over at Senpai and she just finished the other green guy off. I knew that I could do this, and I noticed my green bar under my blue, health bar- it took me a while to realise, but that was my Special Move Gauge. I selected my special move, “Bloody Sword Barrage” because it sounded pretty cool if I say so myself, and immediately, I threw at least fifty swords at him! At least thirty got him, and his health bar dropped to zero. We were sent back to reality, emerging victorious from our first battle, and Senpai, with a proud look on her face, said, “Excellent work, Akira! You handled him well. Let’s go for a coffee; I’ll treat.”

“Oh thanks. Sure.” I replied, as I thought of the ten Burst Points I had just won that I can use to accelerate, but Senpai soon replied, “I don’t mean to put you down, that battle was exceptionally good; unfortunately those people were low levels, which obviously means there is going to be much tougher battles which will take much more effort than what we just faced.”

As if I would let that get me down; I just won my first ever match of Brain Burst, gained some experience to level-up, and I now have ten points to spend freely, although I thought it would be better if I saved them for now.


Arriving home at long last, I thought I would have one last battle, but this time on my own. I linked-in and took on another level 1- and it was a ridiculously close match, but I won once again, and I swear I saw Senpai’s avatar spectating the battle.

This is already a lot of fun, and I just know I will love every second of this.



The End

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