Draniei: Cryptic, but OK.

"Draniei, when it's time to run you had better run."

"Ok, I'll try my best. But we need to find out who is walking around and acting like us."

As Daisy and I continue without Alex and we start walking around the school. Rather aimlessly as a matter of fact, but then, we see, well, me.

"Hey! You're not me!" I scream.

The other me looks at me. "Who are you and why do you look like me?"

I look at Daisy. "You have to believe me, I'm the real Draniei."

The other me looks at her. "No, I'm the real Draniei. He's an imposter."

As the other me and I argue with one another about which one is real Daisy asks a question.

"How about this, the first one to answer this question is the real Draniei. What were the first words I said to Draniei."

I draw a blank. "I have no clue."

But then the other me says it. "You said: 'You have no idea.' After you turned back into yourself when you were that teacher."

I look at him oddly, "How do you know that, I don't even remember."

Then Daisy replies, "It's Ok, I don't remember either. You're the fake one." She says while she points at the imposter me.

"Yes! Score one for absent-mindedness!"

The End

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