Daisy Knowles: Befuddled

Daisy had been eating her lunch when Drainei walked up to her.

"Daisy, there is something weird going on."

"Ooo, I love weird things!" Draniei gave her a strange look but continued.

"Look, I need you to go down the left hallway and enter through the third door on your left. I'll meet up with you there."

"Got it." She left the cafeteria with Leo and followed his direction. Draniei was there, along with Alex, who appeared to be sleeping. Draniei leaped to his feet.

"Don't let the door close!" He shouted. 

"Why?" The door clicked shut and Draniei banged his fist on the table. 

"Daisy! That was our only way out!"

"What do you mean? You invited me here."

"What, no I... Oh no." He put his head in his hands and Daisy patted his shoulder.

"There, there. It will be all right..."

"No it won't! You were our last chance and..."

Calm down, young man.

"How can I be calm when..."



"What are you talking about, Draniei?"

"You told me to calm down."

"No I didn't."

You can't even tell who is addressing you.

Draniei leaped to his feet. "Who is there?"

Look down.

He looked but there was nothing there but Daisy's cat.

Daisy's cat.

He gripped the sides of his skull. "Daisy, your cat spoke to me telepathically."


I can't believe it took you that long to figure it out.

"So you can read minds?"

I can read certain thoughts if they are thought strongly enough. Like how you downloaded that information off of Daisy's phone. Now if you'll excuse me...

Leo disappeared. After a few minutes, the door swung open and the cat sauntered back in.

It unlocks from the outside. I didn't even need a key.

"Thanks." He and Daisy picked up Alex, but he fell onto the ground when they started going in different direction.

"Daisy, we have to go back."

"Draniei," she said, grabbing his hand. "When it is time to run, you had better run."

The End

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