Seriously, I haven't said anything for 3 minutes and she's still talking to me! That familiar though... how the hell did it figure out that I did the download? Hopefully, things will be clearer soon. I walked down a staircase, ignoring her. Old brick walls were illuminated by a single light, the staircase groaned. I stopped at the bottom and stated "this is far enough. What I wanted to talk to you about is your potential. You have been flagged as a likely candidate for him to take your powers."

"Who's he?"

"I'm not allowed to release his real name. All that you need to know is though, we have weakened him. He won't be able to take your power by looking at you, he'll have to do it the old way."

"What exactly is the old way?"

"He'll choke the life out of you and study your brain until he figures out how you can do your ability. After that, no one knows how he replicates it."

I shrugged and whispered "if you are in danger, I am here to get you out. You need to trust me though if that time comes."

"Who are you exactly?"

"My name is not a lie. What is a lie is my record. That is a discussion for another time though."

Daisy's cat whispered in her ear.

I pushed past Daisy and stated "we are only down here because no one could hear us. I will see you later."

I walked up the staircase and mumbled "izvinite".

The End

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