Daisy: Refusal

As soon as Alex set foot into the building, Leo leaped off of Daisy's head and hissed. She looked down at him."Uh huh. Is that so? Are you sure? Okay." She looks up at Alex. "Leo says not to take one more step until you tell me what's going on." Alex's eyes widen. "Are you serious?" She cocks her head. "Deathly."

"But he's a cat!"

"So?" she asks. Alex sighs. "Why don't just tells you once we're inside?" Daisy brightens. "Alright." She takes a step. "Okey-dokey, we are both inside. Tell me."

"Look, it is not safe now and I have to tell you later! Now can you follow me?" Alex whispers. Daisy and Leo look into each other's eyes, and they don't move for a long time. Finally,Alex almost thought that he  saw Leo give Daisy the slightest of nods. "Okay, let's go." Finally, Alex thinks as they begin to walk down the hallway. Alex hears Daisy whispering to Leo. "He did what? Alex, Leo says you downloaded stuff off my phone!" How did he know that? Alex wonders. "Stupid cat." He says to Leo. Leo looks up at him, and Alex could swear that he was laughing.


The End

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