The real reason...

Draniei left his dormitory. I smiled, this was going really good. I turned around and walked down the hallway. I waited a few minutes and shut the sprinklers of wherever I needed to go. I also started tracking Daisys cellphone. My thumb slipped and I accidently started downloading all of the information of her cell phone. Sweat ran down my forehead as I held my cell phones power button.  Frig, if she knows anything about technology I am screwed. My cell phone finally turned of. I turned it back on again and I looked for her signal. It was completely gone, she must have turned her phone of. Frustrated, I walked down the hallway. Where the hell is she! 

I sprinted outside and looked around at the crowd, panting. Looking around, I saw a tall, blonde girl carrying a cat. Concentrating, I walked over to her, weaving through the annoyed students. I stopped in front of her and nodded. She looks even better up close. Gotta concentrate here. She looked at me curiously and asked "did you come to apologize for my cat?" 

Well, at least she doesn't know about her phone being hacked.

I blinked "no, actually I came to t-"

She laughed "to talk?"

"Could you please not int-"

"Next time, it will be better!"

Frustrated, I bent light around both of us, creating a silver dome. Yeah, no one can see us. Just look around and see how serious I am. 

I mumbled "no, actually I need to discuss you being a high priority. I need to talk to you in the school... I just assumed that you would stay inside."

She questioned "why didn't you just pu-" I yelled "listen, we don't have time to chat. We don't have time for games. Just do it!"

Her mouth opened as if to speak. She looked at me half annoyed, half curiously and nodded. The dome disappeared and I motioned to the school. She moved her hand up to her face and looked straight through her hand and not seeing me either , walked into the school. When she made it inside, I took out my pistol and checked it's ammo. How the hell am I supposed to keep check on someone this random? Maybe I shouldn't tell her... it would be easier if I managed to keep this a secret. No, I need to gain her trust now before a major incident happens and she refuses to evac with me. 

With a deep breath, I put my gun back into my jacket and walked into the school.



The End

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