Draniei Malachite: No! No! Absoulutely not!

"What do you think you're doing!" I said, anger coursing through my body, then I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I had to calm myself, before my healing powers go out of whack.

"Ok, calmly, let's talk about this, can you turn off the sprinklers?"

The water was dripping from me, and my robe was soaked.

"Yeah, but I don't want too." He smirked.

I blinked once, then I walked out of my room, Zephyr followed. I walked down the halls that were filled with water, the chaos was blatantly clear as the children ran from their rooms. In the carnage, I was the only one walking calmly.

Through the years of being here, I had developed a reputation of being a clam person, and I had to keep my reputation.

After some time, I was out of the dorms and onto the grassy ground. There was a crowd of students there, and one walked over and absorbed all the water from my robes. I thanked him.

Rather quickly, there was a teacher who came out to meet the crowd, her face was red and she was furious. Three other teachers went inside the dormitories to try to stop whatever was going on. I felt slightly sorry for Dylan.

"Hey!" Dylan startled me.

"Hello," I nonchalantly spoke, not allowing him to have power over me. "Don't talk right now, I'm trying to think."

Dylan frowned, but seemed to understand. Then, a teacher began to speak, and I recognized her as Daisy Knowles.

"What was she doing here?" I whispered to myself.

The End

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