I looked around my dorm and made sure that no one was here. Everyone was gone, so I slapped my laptop open and started typing.I started finishing my script and in a minute I was done. I put the script onto the schools mainframe and sat back, watching files fill up my computer. I clapped my hands together and laughed, the hack hadn't even been noticed yet. A status bar hit 100% and a file copied itself onto all of the schools computers. Should I save this for April Fools? Naa, this schools too much fun. I shut my laptop closed after modyfing some peoples marks and walked to Dreniei's dorm.

I put my lockpicks in his lock and opened his door. He was alone, sitting on his bed reading a book. Dreniei looked up and slowly asked "how did y-" I pointed towards the sky and Dreniei stopped. After ten seconds he asked annoyed "Alex, wh-" the sprinklers went of. Dreniei yelled, grabbed his backpack and shoved it underneath his bed with his book. His pet thing looked at me furiously. Car alarms started going of along with every cell phone in the school. Dreniei asked "what did you do?!" I smiled and stated "sometimes you just have to punish the teachers that set the students on fire." Dreniei yelled "YOU SET MY SPRINKLERS OF!"Dreniei's pet thing asked "how did you set the cell phones and car alarms of?" I responded "well, the school keeps systems in everything electronic that comes to the school, minus my laptop. The school can control what you see on your cellphone, or what your car does." Dreniei screamed "SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE REAL FIRE!" I smiled at him and his face started turning red. I grinned and thought "Well, at least, the idiots that tried to beat me up will get a nice surprise the next time they log on. A trace to their computers showing that they hacked the school." 


The End

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